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My name is Cherokee Billie and I am a spiritual advisor and professional Intuitive psychic who gives advice and readings by telephone and email. Using my unique gift as a clairvoyant, I have been advising thousands of clients about relationships, love, business affairs and the future.



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 Spiritual Reading Testamonials For Cherokee Billie!

Do Not Take My Word For It, Here Are What Some Of My Clients Have To Say!

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From Marina –July 05, 2016

Dear Billie,

I can not express in words how much I am glad that I had a reading with you! And this email of yours brought tears. I am loving the way you have summarized our reading like this ?

You are my permanent adviser from now on and I love you so much

I have already started to look for the places where i can perform for FREE.

Once again it was so much pleasure talking to you, and i am sending lots of love and prayers for you from Japan

I will definitely recommend only you for the reading, no one else.

God bless you Billie!

Thank you so much!

From Beckie – January 10, 2016

Hey there Sunshine Lady, I hope you are doing absolutely fabulous today!! :) *Big hug!*

Our journey into spirit was a beautiful, life changing experience for me. Thank you so very, very much for the blessed opportunity, you will always have my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation!! Thank you so much for sharing you wonderful, priceless gift with me and with others seeking to make connection with other family and loved ones who have crossed over!! :) Beckie

From Addy – December 18, 2015

Was very blessed to speak with this lovely Lady. ..My thanks and my Heart goes out to you. .You knew exactly where I am and why. Was not surprised by this at all. ..You’ve reinforced and given extra validation that my path here is right. .Knowing someone like Cherokee Billie can bring a smile and great confidence of Spirit. .As We Move Forward together as Sisters and Brothers this World Always know there’s beautiful people like this amazing Lady who would never judge and only nurture your Spirit. My Most Heartfelt thanks for your time and most importantly you’re Sisterly Friendship. I do recommend this to anyone in need. ..Replace your doubt with the truth of Your Sacred Path. ….Peace @ Love @ Light keep you Always Billie. ..A real pleasure to have met you and to have made a wonderful Friend ?? Blessings to All. .Feeling better about many things xoxo Addy

From Caroline  - August 26, 2015

I can not thank you enough for your time, attention, and the heavenly guidance and insight provided today at such a critical juncture.

Just how critical the timing of your call and our time was even more amazing! I needed that white light / law of protection just right then and there - immediately before I left my apartment to help me tonight in my relationship.  I was stressed out and very scared and nervous about the future.  I needed to hear just what you shared on all levels and ask for protection immediately !  
You are truly a gift and blessing from God and I don't know how I stumbled across your web site and writings, but I am
so thankful to God that I did.  When random occurrences occur in life that can't be explained, I say to friends of mine who are spiritual and have depth... " is that odd or is that God". I have deep faith and trust, but I also know that a lot of evil lurks around us just waiting to find a portal to access and gain a foothold. I asked for protection heading over today just as you instructed, and we ended up having a wonderful afternoon and evening with love shared and expressed for the first time in almost 3 months. Shannon was left behind sobbing and having a meltdown. Hope that the firehose blasts continue to whisk her away to a life elsewhere.

I am honored in every way to follow more of what you graciously offer and share to those of us who follow. To also spread the word to those receptive about your teachings and more.

I am an eternal student of life, nature, Animal imagery and more, and I hope I can bring your help to others in need. You have to give the gift to receive !!  

I promise to continue to heed your warnings and advice about Shannon. I believe everything you have said is true and must be stopped. I am getting ready to use the power of the white light and God's help to remove her again before bed.

I will keep you posted on things here and my love whom I cherish and adore. I will also be glad to post my testimonials on the web site.  

I pray strongly for your continued safety and protection from those who wish you harm, and will be including you in my prayers  for special protection.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to talking with you again.  I do not know if you travel for seminars and classes, but I will check and see so that I might be able to attend .

Have a safe and blessed day tomorrow and every day!  More will be revealed as we know.
White light prayer time now... bye bye evil.  :)

Appreciate you deeply,


From Lois – August 22, 2015

Hi Billie:

It is my pleasure to be able to share my experiences with others on the amazing efficacy of the White Light in my own Life. No one can really know how empowering it is to be able to change (sometimes instantly) a situation, an environment, or persons for the better! For instance, my husband just left here a few moments ago rushing to get back to a yard sale where he’d bought me two outdoor chairs for my new little ‘building’ (this from someone for whom I had to call the Police to protect my interests, just a couple of weeks ago). Let me be clear, I don’t want to give the impression that the White Light of God is some kind of manipulative tool - it is not! Just as things and people around me have been changed, so have I been changed as well. I believe that the sincere use of the White Light, with a willingness to accept all that it is and does, effects wonderful blessings. My experience is that the White Light of God destroys the illusions within ourselves that create the perspectives of ‘problems’ or ‘issues’.

I always use the White Light on myself, first and foremost, and then ask the Creator to dispatch his staunchest Angels to help saturate this entire community where I live,  with the White Light. It’s so cool that in my imagination I have Angels that look like ‘Transformers’ (you know, Optimus Prime and all those characters) who are constantly shooting huge balls of the White Light into every house and all around the land here, while I also imagine an avalanche of White Light that’s continuously sweeping over this entire property and everything (and everyone) on it - it’s truly feels so freeing, and I no longer feel as if I’m alone living here among all my husband’s relatives (and, being empathic, experiencing all the negativity that they’re projecting all the time). I am so appreciative to you, Billie, for sharing this spiritual tool with me - it is truly changing every aspect of my Life for the better. Make no mistake, I use the White Light of God for everything - in my office environment, for my Son and each of his children, for any issue that presents as a ‘problem’, even for positive things (for example, in my mind’s eye, I’ve saturated my Doctoral program application with the Light ;)).

Please feel free to share anything that I’ve written (including this email), as I want Everyone to know and experience the power of the White Light of God to effect positive changes within themselves and their Life experiences. Love, blessings and all very best to you, Billie…

Lois Douglass-Alston


From Yodit – August 05, 2015

Thank you so much for your guidance, you have given me so much encouragement to continue on with my life.  Honestly, you have truly solidified what I have been feeling all make myself important before anyone else.  I pray things will work between us, but meanwhile I will continue working on myself.

I would love to reconnect with you in the future, and thank you again for the intuitive advice.  I really appreciate the articles, and plan to read them tonight!

Kind regards and may God bless you,


From Lois – July 20,2015

Hello Cherokee Billie:

I wanted to send a brief note of thanks for your help in the past few weeks – you’ve truly been wonderfully supportive and candid (both of which I much appreciate). I wanted to share an experience that I had last evening after we spoke. My phone rang sometime between 9:30pm & 10pm, and when I answered it was the Master Instructor at the school that I’m now leaving. His conversation started off very disjointed, and accusatory, but I was clear, focused and didn’t hesitate to stand up for myself – especially when I was getting the feeling that he was trying to ‘railroad’ me, so to speak. In any case, though I wasn’t consciously aware of it, the White Light was at work I feel very strongly, because in a matter of seconds, his (Master Misael’s) tone and the tone of the conversation changed completely! He went from being vaguely accusatory to praising me for completing my Black Belt, and telling me how much he appreciated me, and hat I was always welcome to visit his Schools, and participate in any seminars, etc., that I might wish to!

Additionally, last evening when I arrived back home, my husband came into the house in pain. I think I mentioned the buildings that we both have for private space. In any case, he was using a step-ladder to get into his, and he fell (or so I assumed). When he awoke this morning, unable to get out of bed without my assistance, he went on & on & on about “falling”. He even got dressed and asked me to go outside to look at where he ‘fell’. I did, and saw that one leg of the stepladder was completely broken in two – a straight cut (like a welder’s cut or something)! I was taken aback because he & others have been using that stepladder for years + they’d been using it all day yesterday without incident. Perhaps it’s coincidental, but I continue to use God’s White Light all around that place with interesting results. Last weekend, my mother-in-law and her sister had a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere, on one of the hottest mornings of the year here in N.C., and had to call my husband for help. That same weekend, one of my husband’s sons (the one who lives with my husband’s mother & who has been most disrespectful to me personally, and who won’t even speak), had an accident while out of town, and driving my mother-in-law’s (his grandmother’s) car. Finally, last week, when out for his morning run, my dog Duke, grabbed hold of my brother-in-law’s small dog (he was trying to bully my dog, who’s at least 6 or 7 times his size), and wouldn’t let go! My dog (Duke) is an American Bulldog and has never, ever attacked anyone or any other animal. He took a chunk out of the brother-in-law’s dog’s face, and the dog has been kept inside since that incident. I will mention here that this same brother-in-law just a few months ago cursed me out in my own living room. He’s bipolar, and on disability, and his mother (my mother-in-law) takes care of all his money (paying his bills, etc). It’s intriguing to me that this woman has two sons (my husband is the eldest), both of who are on ‘disability’, and whom she seeks to maintain control over.

In any case, I sincerely appreciate your sharing the White Light of God with me, and I know that it has and continues to change my Life for the better – especially in the energetic environment in which I currently reside. I send you blessings of peace, prosperity, joy, radiant good health, love and all things GOOD, and until we speak again, God Bless…

Lois Douglass-Alston

From Catherine - May 14, 2015

Thank you very much Cherokee Billie, I appreciate your services and it helped me out a lot. It gave me the push to start moving forward. I had no direction and really had lost sight of what I could be doing and you gave me the answers to help. I really liked the information you gave me about my animals guides.

Thank you again!

From Jamie – April 21, 2015


Hi this is Jamie. I want to thank you again for taking me on the guided journey into the spirit world. The healing it brought has helped me get through the remainder of my pregnancy in a healthy manner. I always feel Omar's presence and have gotten many blatant signs that he is looking out for us from the other side.

On Sunday, March 22nd I gave birth to a healthy 7 lb 11 oz baby boy. I named him Omar. He looks just like his dad and has such a peaceful countenance. I call him my Buddha baby, because he always look so peaceful and satisfied.  I've attached a few pictures of him.

Thankfully things at home isn't too stressful.. Very busy, but bearable.  My other three kids are adjusting well to the new baby and are so loving towards their little brother.

Again I thank you for being you. Click Here To Read More

Love and light,

From Amanda - April 02, 2015

Dear Billie,

I would like to express my gratitude for my reading with you. I contacted you in an effort to find answers about a relationship crisis I was having.  You were compassionate yet direct and straightforward.  Having had readings from other sources in the past, my reading with you was far more profound and accurate than something I've experienced before. I loved the way you were honest and genuine.  You warned me about obstacles that I will have to overcome.  I especially loved how you put me at ease while simultaneously giving me honest, concrete answers.  You very much helped me during a dark time.  The past few days have been emotional, but have played out exactly as you said they would.  Right now, the relationship is back on track, and I have discovered a wealth of spiritual information and tools on your website.  This afternoon, I have immersed myself in your website and its articles during my "mental health day."

To any person considering purchasing a reading or service from Billie, please allow yourself this gift.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  You will find the HONEST answers you need and seek.

I will schedule another reading or class as soon as I have the funds.



From Jamie - December 07, 2014

The past six months it seems as though my life had been completely turned upside down.  My fiancé committed suicide back in October. He was a veteran who struggled with PTSD and severe depression. With a baby on the way (and three other special needs children at home), I had so many unanswered questions and was absolutely heartbroken.  We were so excited about getting married and partaking in what we called 'sacred family.' Prior to my fiancé’s passing, we had a very strong telepathic connection and had many spiritual experiences together in meditation.   I knew deep within me that he was trying to get through to me from the other side.  So I prayed and asked to be guided to someone who could help, as I was consumed with immense grief and confusion.  The universe guided me to Cherokee Billie via her YouTube channel.  After watching one video about connecting to those in the afterlife, I knew my fiancé guided me to her.  I combed her website, reading her blogs, articles, testimonials and even listened to a few previous radio recordings.  This was my answered prayer. I realize that what we've been told about death is completely erroneous.

 Cherokee Billie took me on a guided journey into the spirit world.  I was able to see and speak extensively with my fiancé. I know now that he is no longer in mental anguish and still loves his family very much. My fiancé even telepathically communicated with our unborn child in my womb. I could feel the loving energy flow between him and our baby. It was amazing to experience the love we shared, flowing through us uninhibited.  Love in fact is eternal and definitely interdimensional. I no longer see death as these huge cosmic scissors that suddenly and mercilessly cuts us off from those we love.

I also shared a beautiful healing moment with Archangel Raphael, then two beautiful fairies. As my fiancé and I stood, holding each other (as we did all the time when he was in his physical body), Raphael lifted his arms and released healing energy upon us. There are no words to describe the flow of energy I experienced. It has been three days since that experience and I'm still struggling to find a word in the English language to explain it. I am so thankful that I was able to bask in and absorb the healing energies, especially for my baby.

Another amazing thing that happened was as my fiancé and I was sitting,  I expressed how sad I was that we would never be able to dance, as he promised, to this special song we both loved.  Immediately music starting playing,  it was our song. My fiancé stood in front of me with his hands out. I placed my hands in his and stood next to him. He embraced me and we slowly rocked together.  I finally got to have my dance!  He kept his promise!  Cherokee couldn't hear anything but was able to see everything.  She said to me that she could see us standing and he was slowly rocking me. All I could do was cry and sob tears of joy and relief because I knew this was all really happening.

In the spirit world I also met my guardian angel Helen, who has been with me since before I was born. She wanted me to know that she's always with me. I spent some time resting in her bosom--releasing all the pain from my childhood traumas and absorbing her loving energy. It is so comforting to know that I am not alone; I never was and never will be.

I was also visited by my grandmother.  Cherokee Billie is the real deal. She couldn't hear what my grandmother was saying but described her personality PERFECTLY. My grandmother wasn't a very physically affectionate person.  Never one to hug or embrace.  My grandma was tough as nails like that, but had a loving heart. So when she held my hand and rubbed my arm to comfort me, then Cherokee described seeing the same things, I knew again that this is really happening.  This was such a tremendously healing moment for me, especially in terms of my ancestral traumas. The love that my mother was unable to give me, because my grandma hadn't expressed it to her, was all restored and healed.

I was also greeted by a very large man who told me that he has been my protector throughout my life.  This tall and strong being embraced me and I immediately recognized the comforting energies.   My father was a drug addict and alcoholic, he wasn’t always there for me growing up. Nevertheless this being made sure that I wasn't fatherless.  There have been countless times while in mediation I could feel that same embrace. Even as a young child and throughout my adolescent years,  I remember crying on my pillow then suddenly feeling  This being has always helped me to feel secure, grounded and protected.

I know that my fiancé led me to Cherokee Billie.  He wanted to speak to me and I couldn't hear him or trust the signs because I was too full with grief.  If you are reading this testimonial, it is because you needed this confirmation that there are others in the spirit world who want to speak with you.  You are not alone and are so loved.  We have angels, ancestors and spirit guides who are always with us. They are there to help us, guide us, love and strengthen us in a way that is our highest good. I am grateful to Cherokee Billie for bringing me to them. I intend love and blessings to forever pour into her spirit.

Love and light,


From Isabelita - November 02, 2014

If you are reading this, you, like me, have been on a journey.  Although this is long, please read it through because I promise it is worth it!

Have you ever had the feeling like you have woken up from a dream and just can’t quite remember the details of it; that sense that you are suppose to remember something, but can’t grasp it; or that you are missing a piece of you feeling slightly incomplete.  If so, you are in the same place I was.  I have known for quite a long time that my beloved grandmother, who passed about 24 years ago now, has been trying to give me a message.  I know she is with me and my sons because we can all feel her at various times.

I am definitely not disparaging psychics.  Although I had my fair share of “fake” psychics, I also had the luck to get a few who were truly gifted.  Unfortunately, I spent probably close to $2K, because the truly gifted psychics are expensive.  The handful of truly psychic individuals could see her and tell that she was talking to me, but could never tell me what her message was.

So, being the single mother of three with very little money, I was yet again rifling through YouTube videos looking at more Guided Meditation clips when I ran upon Cherokee Billie’s videos.  Call it whatever you would like, but I was moved to call her.  After talking with her a couple of times, I decided to take the “Guided Meditation” service she offers.  I will be honest and tell you I was skeptical, but I figured $150 for an hour of meditation versus 15 minutes with a psychic.  What did I have to lose at this point, and at least I knew I would be thoroughly relaxed after the hour.

If you haven’t really tuned in, this is the part you need to focus on for YOU and YOUR FUTURE!  I am writing this in the hopes of saving you the time, energy and money when you can experience the real thing! 

I should have known that my grandmother did not want to give me her message through another person.  She didn’t want a messenger.  She wanted to talk to me directly and I so desperately wanted to talk to her directly.  See, we were so strongly connected in so many ways, but mainly in just the purity of the love between a grandmother and her granddaughter.  I had promised her on the phone that I would see her again, but she died before I could, leaving me feeling I had let her down and without closure until the Guided Meditation with Cherokee Billie.

This hour journey has changed my life forever!  Cherokee Billie guided me into a relaxed state that many of you I’m sure are familiar with by now.  After that, everything changed.  I saw things just a split second before Billie would ask a question about what I might be seeing.  She could see the things I was seeing, but not hear what I was hearing.  Ladies and gentlemen, I finally saw my beloved grandmother again and spoke directly to her!  She gave me her message and so much more.  I met my ancestors from my father’s side of the family going back for centuries, all there to support me in one way or another.  What was truly amazing is that I saw a brilliant Archangel headed toward us.  Billie could not make out whom the Archangel was.  I could as he reached out to embrace my grandmother and I.  As he hugged us, I was filled with the same complete, whole body feeling of unconditional love, making my heart feel like it was going to burst.  The Archangel Chamuel was hugging us.  Yes, I cried, because the last time I felt this way was the very last time I hugged my grandmother in my early teens.  We hugged as if we would never let go, and to capture that feeling again is priceless.  The truly beautiful part is that I hadn’t felt that way since the last time I hugged her, almost thirty years ago. 

Now, after the Guided Meditation, I can still feel it, like my grandmother and I are hugging right now.  My grandmother was the only one who made me understand what it meant to love myself because God was inside of me.  I believe the Archangel Chamuel was there to show me what was always obvious to my grandmother, the clarity of unconditional, pure, divine love.

Please do not waste another moment or penny on other methods when you know, as well as I, the best way to get the answers you desire is to go directly to the source without a middleman giving you the message.  I know you will leave the experience of the Guided Mediation with Cherokee Billie feeling and knowing that your life has forever been changed for the better, like mine has.

I am eternally grateful to you, Cherokee Billie, for sharing your very unique gift with me enabling me to make the direct contact with my grandmother that I so desperately needed to put my life on the right path again!  My only wish is that I had found Cherokee Billie sooner.  Believe it or not, much more because of how it has changed me than for the money I spent over the years. 

Many blessings to you and all of you who choose to take the journey of a lifetime with Cherokee Billie!

From Darnell - October 22, 2014


You have no idea how much of a help you have been.  For the first time in years, I am feeling more at ease with a lot of things and can finally start to relax as I have been able to confirm so much.
A warm, heart felt thank you to you for this and much, much love sent to you.
Blessings for ever.


From Mary – October 20, 2014

Dear Cherokee Billie,

Thank you for your effective prayer and healing.....and the good practical advise, too!

I am feeling stronger and more centered. The most powerful miracle has been my heart opening to what is resistance...seeing the love that is in my life and being so grateful for that.  My address issues has been solved for the time being. My prayer is to find a home where I can be self sustaining and feel connected to others. 

I enjoyed your recent blog post.

Much love, 

Mary Jo

From Rose - September 11, 2014

Dear Billie i wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Email reading you did on the Father of my sons, of which was truly astounding in accuracy, and clarification, and Confirmation of the situation in the present. of which has cleared up any self doubt for me and has given me deeper insight, i am also very grateful for the Spiritual advice and Guidance to help eliminate and break unhealthy connections thus improving the quality of my Sons lives, by applying myself to the Spiritual work you have set for me to do. This will also improve the my Spiritual state of being also and help with healing. Their are no real words that truly describe the astonishment i felt when i received your reply to the question i asked in relation to the reading you have given me, especially since i have not discussed the Father of the Children with you, and i live in Australia and you in Florida. Will all my sincere loving respect, i thank you once again and look forward to future readings, and guidance with you, It is such a pleasure to have a true genuine reader like yourself, of whom is truly in tune with Spirit. Blessings and Love for you hugs <3

From Susan - August 20, 2014

Dearest Billie....thank you so much for your gift of a reading as the winner of your pet photo contest. Your insight helped me focus on the direction in which I needed to go as I faced my "fork in the road". You told me what I needed to know, and I appreciate that very much! (((hugs))) Blessings to you. Susan

From Rose -
August 18, 2014

Dear Cherokee Billie, I would like to thank you for the Email Reading you have done for me , of which is not only Accurate but has put me upon the path of Discovering my inner Child, and working with her for Healing, with your Loving Guidance, and those in Spirit. I was very pleased to hear and learn of my Spirit Guide Red Hawk and Erin of which gives me great Comfort. The reading has given me a sense of direction in life for fulfillment and Joy in the near future and i look forward to continued readings from you. Much Love, Blessings and Gratitude for you, Rose

From Kachina -
August 16, 2014

Dear Billie, There are no real words that truly express the extent of my gratitude for the e-mail reading you did for my Mother. And is very precious to me. In connecting with her, you not only answered questions that i really needed clarification with, to fully understand You also eased the pain that lay in my heart, and gave me insight to the truth of what is really happening and what did happen, and what will be. The reading i requested was very delicate and you embraced it with such Love and Care, and i now have peace of mind also, as i now have full complete understanding of why i have not had full complete contact with her in this Lifetime and knowing that we will meet in the Spirit World when the time comes. Thank you from my heart, hugs

From Kamala - August 03, 2014

Dear Cherokee Billie,

I want to Thank You for helping me through a very difficult time! I had no one to turn to or share my experience with and I was fearful of losing control of the incredibly strong emotions I was feeling. I felt drawn to call you for a reading and I am so grateful I did! You revealed Great insight and Everything you shared with me was absolutely true! You also highly recommended that I spend time in nature, which I am doing. Your reading was the start of a beautiful change inside of me! The night after we talked, I was filled with so much anger and pain that I went outside and hit a chain link fence and broke my hand. At that very moment, a brilliant white light shone down upon me and it started to hail in a 30’ circle around me. I looked up into the light as the hail stung my face and I yelled in rage and pain. My attention was drawn to a raccoon hanging on the fence beside me. Our eyes met and held, my heart filled with peace and I was given a Divine Message. Then the light, hail and raccoon disappeared. The Great Spirit works in mysterious ways and that night changed my life! I realize I must love Me first and then everything else changes. I have even been able to let go of the heartache and forgive my ex-boyfriend for the horrible experience he put me through as it enabled me to open my eyes and become aware. I am very grateful for the love and peace that now fills my heart!

I enjoy your daily Jewel and I especially resonate with todays, ”Pay attention to the animals that cross your path…listen to their messages.” Yes, I am doing just that!

I admire your strength and compassion for others while dealing with your own personal challenges. You are an exceptional reader and I would recommend your service to anyone who is open and willing to hear the answers to their questions. I sent you money in Gratitude for your kindness. You are an Angel!

Sending lots of Love and Light to you and your business,


From Cerilda - August 01, 2014

Hey y' name is Cerilda.  I’ am the one who won the free reading from the photo contest on Cherokee’s Facebook page....just wrapped it up with this amazing woman...spiritually I have in my heart kept secrets of my native believes....thinking that people would not believe the things that I see. Well with our conversation...along with questions and her answers I now know to trust what I see and hear.... To look at every think now I never again will I hide any thing I see,feel,or hear...I will look at everyone...there is no hopeless in her visions... I have always felt that I do good for all.. And it is never repaid...but she told me that the good you do will always come back to you...them words made all the years of my life seem real and if there is something eating at you or feel things don't make sense...please trust me give her a call...I know my reading was free...but it will not be my last reading with her...

THANK YOU......Cherokee Billie

I now know what to do with my spirits that walk with me...Blessing to You

From Rose - August 01, 2014

Dear Cherokee Billie, Both My Eldest Son and I Would Like to express our Sincere Heartfelt Gratitude, on the Accuracy of your Reading that he shared with me that you did for him, of which offered Spiritual Guidance and Great Comfort. My Eldest Son and I both Love it. My Son wishes to Also Thank you for helping him with his Spiritual Guide, and feels comforted to know his Great Grandfathers Spirits surround him and are able to offer him Their Love and Guidance also. He especially Loved the Archangel and said to let you know that he has been drawn towards them as of lately within the last year and a half, He said that he can relate to The reading and has a love for Acting, and Magicians, And yes he loves Photography, and Filming, and he loves and is very content with the answer to his last Question, I Look forward to you being able to do My Second Eldest Sons Reading next, and Once again wish to thank you Dearly from our Hearts, hugs

From Kachina -
July 21, 2014

Dear Cherokee Billie, I wish to express my Sincere Deep Gratitude, and to say Thank you from my Heart, for the Beautiful Reading you have done for my Son of which i received Today. I Was totally amazed and touched with the Accuracy of the Answers to the questions i asked, More so with what you could tell me of which you had no knowledge of which was very comforting, and soothed my Concerns and Worries. You are spot on with all of the reading, and i am pleased to able to finally know Who my sons Spirit Guide is, and to know his Great Grandmothers surround him also, Yes Brendie does have a deep affinity with Animals, and i have always felt that he was empathic and has healing abilities, and i love the guidance, and the message that came through his Guide, of which will be of great assistance for him. I Look forward to having a reading done for my Elder son of whom wishes to have one done to, Thank you So Much, I Am overjoyed with the Reading, Thank you Again, hugs


From Nicola-July 15, 2014

Thank you Cherokee,

I feel blessed to have been guided to you and am grateful to you for your insight.

I have been using the white light today and certainly feel it's effects. I feel somehow that sending my bother the white light will open his intuition to speak to him and help him to understand the harmful way in that he has treated me over the years, which ultimately would be the most healing thing to our relationship.. as well as facilitate a general nuclear family healing.

I can also feel the protective power of the light around vampirism, which is something I find quite challenging.

Thank you for the links.

I will continue to work with the light and will keep you posted on how things develop.

Thank you again.

With love and gratitude,


From Lucy-May 11, 2014

The other night Cherokee Billie and I did the Guided Journey to the spiritual world. I didn't know what expect. I was excited and to be honest, a little nervous. Well, Billie guided me into the spiritual world and the one person that I wanted see (my dad) came through! A young, handsome man with a smile from ear to ear. My mom was present along with my brother and my two children. They were all so happy. At the end of the session I was so relieved to know that my family are all well and content. I never felt so much peace and happiness before. I highly recommend this spiritual guided journey. It is something I'll never forget. Cherokee Billie is one amazing lady! Lucy

From Lydia-May 09,2014

THANK YOU CHEROKEE BILLIE!!!Today has already been a great new day. I have done the white light meditation several times and sprayed my house. I need to buy some salt and put that in the four corners. I've read your articles, seen your video about your own struggles and present health. You have had a very difficult path. I would like to support you by checking in with you on a regular basis. I appreciate all you have done for me so far thank you very much. I look forward to our next connection. Love Lydia

From Helen - April 14, 2014


Between your website articles, radio shows, youtube videos, and the reading this morning, I feel like I've been thrown a lifeline! Thank your for honesty, wisdom, & generosity of your spiritual advice.  I'll continue working on the visualization of God's White Light as you instructed and look forward to reading the articles you've sent me here.  I appreciate you reminding me to be still and quiet following prayer. I don't think I've been doing that part very well at all.

It's funny what you said about my not speaking up.  I don't know what has happened to me but I used to speak up all the time and many times, it gets me in hot water. My mother used to tell me, "not everyone is going to like you,that's just life".  I think she knew that I had a hard time restraining myself from speaking out and up about whatever I felt was "right" or the "truth" and she didn't want to see me get disheartened about my passion and ability to speak up by others who might cause me to fear or doubt myself.  ??  I will read the article later on after I spend time with family and friends today.  Thank you soooo much for sending me the links and telling me about where to find your pinterest page.

Also, did you know that Helen is Greek for "shining light"?  Pretty cool, huh?

Thank you for the reading, it was awesome.  I also liked the ending prayer and appreciate your continual prayer for me.  :) 

God Bless,

From Melissa - March 30, 2014

Dear Cherokee Billie,

      Please forgive the delay in thanking you for your time with me Saturday morning.  Thank you for believing in me ; believing that you can help me to reach the depths of my blockages and start  to expel them from my energy being....In essence to be "L'etre Human" with clarity of her own  vision to "wake up" and actualize her dreams.

    Yesterday's conversation  was more than unexpectedly profound. So much so that I could only talk to Leslie about I promised her that I would call her if I ever contacted you.  For the time being I  cannot discuss this experience with any one else. ...sacred space.

    When I was a little girl I remember crying and having a similar feeling in my throat. From the moment you started reciting your personal sacred prayer, uncontrollable  weeping with  a huge almost choking feeling overcame me. It is a beginning.

    You mentioned that my blockages are decades and decades old......has my energy being carried them over from previous times?

    I so look forward to our personal "chakra class"

          Thank you so very much for being you...Cherokee Billie.  I will always remember that my bear spirit will always have her arm around my sleeping lioness or tigress.... surrounded in sacred white light.

   Thank you x godzillian, Melissa

From Jenny – March 22, 2014

Dear Billie,

It has been a real pleasure and blessing to meet with you and for you to hold me in a loving space for guidance.  The reading was amazing, I actually recorded it on my I phone and have played it back a few times since we spoke.

The links to white lighting and tips for empaths is a powerful tool much thanks.

I am excited about the coming future and it is precious your guidance and spirit...I checked out Vagabond very interesting and thinking a lot over these past two days on Connecting Cultures and manifesting an abundant future.

In Love and Light

From Brigitte - March 11, 2014

Hello again Cherokee Billie,

I really enjoyed and appreciated your insights and advice and am already following these helpful practices.  Much greater calm within me is taking place!  George and I will do these things together.

We believe this life’s journey is only necessary to prepare us for the ultimate ever after.

God bless – until the next time.


From Donna - March 10, 2014

Thank you ! Feel so much better. A great gift Leslie has given me. Feel better already. You have given me the gift of your knowledge and the hope for better days ahead - please know white light and prayers surround you as well.

 I will do what I can to help you as best I can- 

Love and best wishes ,


From Leslie - March 09, 2014

Dear Billie,

You helped me so much. I feel calmer and more at peace.

I have been blessed by an angel, via an Anteater :)))

I will do that guided mediation with you soon.

I am grateful to have you as a teacher.

Thanks for the links below

I will do the meditations every night. I am going to send you money right now, for a 30 min. session for my sister.  I will send you a photo of her; I am in the photo too.  Is there any chance you have time tomorrow? She is having a tough time too. I think you can bring peace to her as well.


From Travis-February 27, 2014

I’m so glad that I found you.  We had a really great connection and your answers were just amazing.  You pinpointed every person I asked you about perfectly.  I really didn’t think a telephone psychic would be that good.  You sold me and I definitely need you to help me through the transition I’m trying to make in my life.  I really want to turn around everything and start new.  You definitely have given me the guidance to start the changes.  I will be calling again.

Thanks for everything, Travis

From Caroline - February 02, 2014

I want to thank you for the incredible guidance you gave me in an email reading.  I was not expecting so much help that I could do myself.  I am in the process of tapping into everything you suggested that I will let you know how it goes.  Your insight is well worth every penny. 

Regards, Caroline

From Debbie - December 26, 2013

Hi Cherokee Billie,

Thank you. I am blown away with how much information and depth you provided to me in your e-mail reading and for such a small amount of money. I feel I underpaid you and owe you more. So tomorrow I will pay for 2 more questions but only ask you one and that will be regarding my daughter. After I pay, I will email you a picture of her along with the other information like I provided for Nick.

Thank you for the compliment. It's funny you say I should put my picture on Pinterest. Last night my mom was over and I was showing her my boards/pins and she said she didn't like the picture of the eye I had as my profile picture. She said it was too provocative!! I then changed it to a picture of myself. Anyone else can tell me they don't like something I do or say and It usually doesn't bother me. But when my mom tells's different.

I think the reading you gave me was great. I have had readings before and I'm usually told I will be well off financially and it will be by me doing something other than what I do for a living now. If you want to pin anything from your business to promote business, feel free to pin them on my boards if you would like. I don't usually promote products or services but I think you're great and believe in you and seriously would not mind at all.

You are such a warm soul. I appreciate you taking the time to put this together for me so quick. With me, you can always take your time. Remember that :-) I really enjoyed this!


From Becky - December 20, 2013


From Raelynn - December 20, 2013

Thank you SO  much Cherokee Billie.  It's always an absolute pleasure to speak to you.   I have already done what you suggested and released my emotions with burning some pictures.  When I started I felt emotional and after the second picture, I started to feel took my sorrow away as I kept my focus on releasing everything.  I'm so happy to have you in my life and look forward to always reading your "jems" and articles.  Thank you again -- god bless you!


From Debbie - November 16, 2013

Hello Cherokee Billie! I wanted to thank you here for your help today. I have been doing pretty good at staying positive...being a light. But today...I needed to hear about Bill and where he is and how he is. You were so spot on with him...his feelings and emotions....and with me but you restored some hope that was fading and that means everything to me. I have a lot I want to do to further my path and believe this is Divine giving us both a chance to work on each other individually, but needed human grateful I was led to you and look forward to working with you.  I will continue to use the time Divine is giving me to further myself on my path and will definitely be in touch again. On your website you mention its best to find one psychic that fits you and then stay with that one...and I intend to do that!!! Thank you...from the bottom of my heart I will be recommending you!!!  Many blessings! Debbie

From Naomi-November 15, 2013

Cherokee Billie, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your kindness, inspiration, and insight during our reading this morning. I have spoken to many "psychics" over the years and there has not been ONE, I would call again. Your honesty, straight forward approach, your down to earth nature, and gentle spirit are second to none! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, and also making it affordable to were spot on...and even though it was our first conversation, I hung up feeling like I had just spoken with my best friend!!!! I feel so blessed that I found you, DIVINE TIMING! I AM HONORED TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE NOW, AND TO CALL YOU MY FRIEND. Sending you love , blessings and gratitude, Naomi...xo

From Becky – Oct. 14, 2013

I met Billie threw FB and her posts. I was at one of the lowest points of depression of my life, although I did not share this. I just looked for her uplifting words of wisdom several times a day. I would always leave a thank you, and try to follow her advice as best I could thru all my pain. Over the years our friendship grew and grew. I finally found someone I could trust and believe in and it was and is wonderful. Finally one day I shared my pain, not my intentions but my pain. See I planned to die that day. I am disabled and live on a limited fixed income, and had no way to pay for a reading for about 4 days even though she was running a special that day. She reached out and asked me to PLEASE Call Her she really needed to talk to me. I explained my money situation and she trusted me on my word I would make good on the payment on the 3rd. I was so grateful I cried who does that anymore to trust another? I called her and we had an honest open conversation. I shared things with her that were eating my soul alive. I trusted her witch opened up a whole new world to me. She gave me wonderful advice and a meditation to do several times daily on God's White Light. I do it still daily and it helps me daily. She gave me hope understanding and love for witch I am eternally grateful. She often posts meditations and I save and listen to them all and have shared them with friends in need. Billie is one of the most honest purest souls I have ever known and I look forward to every post. We have built a beautiful friendship for witch I cherish with all my heart. I will soon be calling her again for a reading on people that have passed over. Along with her very affordable readings she does free radio seminars where you can call in and ask questions. If you have any doubts please put them to rest. She is blessed with a gift that I do not question. I know it is real. <3 Light and Angels to you all.

From Michele - September 28, 2013

Cherokee Billie was the best! She answered all my questions without sugar coating her answers but most of all she helped me get up from a deep dark place.  She gave me guidance and new found inspiration to carry on.  I am sure I will have a relationship with Cherokee in the future. She is so patient and never rushes you.  You will feel the strength of her gift during and after your reading.  Many thanks Cherokee! Michele

From Roseanna - September 19, 2013

Cherokee Billie Love and Light!

You have been and always will be a beacon of inspiration in my life.

She channeled in on me and Wow!

I want to share a few things with all that know and read words of wisdom from Cherokee Billie....

I know an Angel sent Cherokee Billie to me...Because of a dream I had...When I found Cherokee I was a winded up toy hitting the wall no focus, no life, nothing lived inside of me totally flat line...I was an empty shell of a person. Not that beautiful vessel God gave to all of us of the flesh. It took forty five years to get to that point in my life...Years of disrespect, mental, verbal, physical,  abused and controlled...Yes very much cheated on....given a STD while 32 weeks with child (first and only)she die in my womb because of STD...All sweeped under a rug..Young and in Love....afraid to tell anyone because of his military career and my father, afraid of what my father might have done if he knew the treatment I was getting from this man...Loving this man more than I was loving God our Creator (Born & raised in Holiness Church) Fasting was my way of enter peace from Friday at dust until Sunday dust once a month.  I learned later at his retirement I had several letters of recommendation in his file (no matter what you do as a military dependent spouse) we also get notification at retirement too be it good or bad.  I also received a Certificate at his retirement from President  George Bush Senior (very shock didn't realize helping others at the time and helping him on his job was being noted). ...Oh yes  cops was called by the neighbors he was remove from the house but always came back saying "this is my mo#*# fu*kN house!...You get out!".....still in love...Girlfriends coming by disrespecting public totally could not see me...(" he would I say wasn't looking for you that's why I did see you" even though we where riding in the same car) go figure!....As we say it was straw that broke the camel's back,  when he decided to take a child into my bed while I laid asleep on the sofa ...17 years of age they took pictures, she posted them on her space page....yes you are right....The ripe age of sixty said no more...The first time Cherokee spoke to me her first words....You need to get out of that marriage...You are the only one that's married...Every word she said to me was so true...I had not said a word to her about anything that was going on...She told me he was hiding money from me I could never get that part because he didn't know how to write a check or withdrawal money from the our banking account,  didn't know the banking account number until a week ago (September 10, 2013 the same account we've had for 38years)...By the way I haven't told Cherokee yet but! I found the money he was hiding...Yes it was my birth coins sliver and gold old money from my grandparents.  Also, Cherokee said I would meet someone, she wasn't sure, quote" I think his name is Ben, Benjamin I know it begins with a B..and he is going to change your life.  By way Cherokee I met aka Ben (Benjamin Stone).  Also, I did get to Africa! what a surprise that was hmmm! didn't see that one coming...Sure wasn't on my bucket list ( I didn't have a bucket list) I sure do now...Did I mention how Cherokee said the Judge would completely rule in my favor...Oh every thing I even get to keep the life insurance policies...all military benefits....half of his pay....half of the investments..spouse support..he has to pay the rent in the house as long as I live here..even if I remarry the judgment still stays. Yes I am a divorce woman now...Belief it or not every single word Cherokee said to me has come to pass...I follow her words of guidance to the letter...Her mediation...I totally stay in the light now...Cherokee taught me how to go to the light....and find myself back to a happy place...I got my happy back...The joy that lives inside of me is seen by all...Peace and Positive life I live now is because of finding Cherokee.  I know longer live with negative energy any longer..No drama, no chaos I am living and growing.  My life is wonderful!!  God is good every day...Each morning before sun raise I go to the Ocean to mediate and pray,  its a wonderful feeling I am so graceful and appreciative of her...

Cherokee Billie! I love you! Thank you for saving my life....

Peace, Love, Joy, Light, and Happiness Let your Energy forever be within Us!


From Gina - September 06, 2013

Thank you, Billie for your channeled Email reading!  This is right on track with what my Mother would say and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your abilities.


From Francisco - August 22, 2013

Hello Cherokee Billie

Thank you very much for your time and for the advice you gave me. You’ve done a really great reading and it was very valuable for me. Unfortunately I couldn’t record the conversation and it would be very useful to listen it several times. Let’s keep in touch.

Many blessings!

From Jerry - August 09, 2013

Cherokee Billie,

I am grateful for your input and felt close to you almost immediately.  I am a good judge of character, if I am not dating someone.  LOL And, you are an exceptional person.  I am glad our paths have crossed.


From Heidi - August 08, 2013

Thank you Billie for an incredible psychic reading. You are a very gifted woman. Thank you for putting yourself out there to help other people.

Have a beautiful day,


From Maricel - July 24, 2013

Thank you for your time. I still was amazed about the answers u got from talking to the spirit.  godbless i know i was not really making sense from what i was saying.  I felt blank out for a bit then i remembered what i had to say after.  Take care.  I'm looking forward to working with u someday again.  Maricel

From Raelynn - July 18, 2013

Cherokee Billie-
Thank you so VERY much for the great conversation yesterday.  I obviously stumbled upon you for a reason. I've done many readings over the past several years, but you are the only one that took time to explain things and made it so much more personal.  I think that's why I've gone to so many different people in the past, it's because I didn’t have a strong and personal connection with them, but you are very different.  I appreciate your thoughts and prayers and will certainly do everything that you've recommended.  I look forward to the articles and the book you had recommended (The Prophet).  I'm so happy that you have become part of my life now and look forward to many future conversations.

Warmest regards-


From Marilyn -
June 29, 2013
I was drawn to Cherokee Billie’s Facebook fan page. I had a rough week and I just felt like I needed to talk about it...I now feel like I know what to do with the help of Cherokee Billie...if you are looking for answers and need someone to turn to....I hope you give yourself a gift and have a wonderful and insightful reading by her.....I feel so much better today at this time than last night...I feel like I can take the steps to do some things that need to be dealt with.....and I know it's the right thing too....please check out her facebook page...I wouldn't be posting this if I didn't think this could help many people....don't be afraid...Just Do It!! You owe it to yourself!!!! And, I know I can call upon her for further guidance too...and that is a comforting feeling!!!! I won't spend the night tossing and turning!! I now have a plan!!!
Thank you Billie, Marilyn

From Janet-June 24, 2013

Thank you so much for my reading today. I will start the juicing and get my husband to do the same. I can't wait to get recipes for juicing as we have a wonderful new juicer. I just have alot on my mind at this time.I will be on your website and learning and discovering new ideas. I always had the ideas, I just feel comfortable with your knowledge. I highly trust you. It is like meeting someone and just knowing they are true and honest. I felt that way with you. I will invite my friends to your web site. Thank you for today. Sorry my voice sounded coarse but I will work on it with wisdom you have shared with me.

God Bless


Follow up post: It is funny how things work. I had asked a question about my daddy, Charlie who died in August of 2011. It has been very hard on me. You told me he was watching over me, that night I did dream about my dad, his deceased sister and his mother. My dad's smile was so refreshing as well as my other deceased relatives. It was a confirmation he is okay and happy. I think I can now let go more easily. He had his beautiful smile and he seemed to be the happiest I had ever seen him.

From Ileana-May 25, 2013

My reading experience with Danni was a God send. I totally felt her positive energy. It was as if I was speaking with a longtime friend but with incomparable wisdom.  You can really feel that she dedicates herself (and energy) fully to the client. The answers were straight forward and no color coded, which is fantastic. I highly recommend her service. I really appreciate her guidance and every second she dedicated to my reading. I will definitely follow her advice

Many blessings to both of you.

From James-May 24, 2013

I am so happy that Danni is back.  I got so much support and help from her when she worked for Cherokee Billie before and I have to say that she’s one of the best psychics that I have ever spoken with.  Everything she told me two years ago has come to pass.  If you have not tried her service I would recommend you do because you will find she doesn’t give you stories, she gives you the straight up truth.  Thank you, James

From Brian - May 10, 2013

I have had several readings with Cherokee Billie over the last 2-3 months and I must say that she is great with what she does. She is professional, courteous, intelligent and just an awesome down to earth person. Everything that she has told me has came to pass in when she said they would and she hits the other person of interest to a "T"! Cherokee has a very warm approach and has our best interests at heart. In a way I feel like I'm talking to my second mom. She even does follow-up emails to check on me. How many psychics do that these days?! I would HIGHLY recommend Cherokee to anyone out there needing guidance and answers to questions of all sorts. Cherokee, Thank You for coming into my life and for always taking time for me on a short notice. Many, many blessings to you and you know we will be talking soon!! Brian

From Shirley-May 07, 2013

Dear Billie

Thank you so much for helping me to connect with Steve, by channeling him, and with such gentleness and kindness.  I felt I was drawn to you after your article turned up on my facebook page and then reading your article about connecting with the deceased.  I feel that we did connect with him and I understand the communication issue at this time as he’s still learning.  I have sensed his presence very early on since he died but I kept thinking it was just in my mind because there was no actual proof and I guess I haven’t been trusting in my own intuition enough because I didn’t have enough proof (I used to be a lawyer way back, always looking for the evidence!).  

I shall look at those articles, thank you for sending them.  I like the sound of the guided meditation into spirit from what you said and I may book one of those sessions with you at some point.

Warm wishes

From Paula - April 09, 2013
I want to express my gratitude to Cherokee Billie. I had felt drawn to get a reading for a specific concern and found her on Facebook and after reading her posts decided to contact her. She was accurate in the reading but more importantly she offered me a path to solve the problem. I have had the pleasure now of two readings and she has been able to gift me with a deeper understanding of issues that my soul has been longing to address. I can honestly say she has helped me not only see the light but feel it as well. For me that is priceless. Thank you, Paula

From Nancy - April 07, 2013

Hi Cherokee Billie,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write me. I will have the continued faith and belief in myself and him. I also read the article... interesting! I will follow your advice and the advice in the article. I'll follow up with you in about a month. I'm so glad I came across you!

Be Blessed :) and Take Care,

From An - April 03, 2013

Dear Billie,

I want to say thank you again and again for your great work as you were able to channel my lovely father's spirit yesterday. Only I can understand what my father told me ;) It helped me to start my new life. I know my deceased father is always with me and he loves my daughter so much.

I am so happy to share with people that there is a way to communicate with our beloved one’s spirits and it is real. I shared to some of my mother's friends about it. They are so excited and it seems to take them to another journey! There is a way to communicate with our deceased beloved ones...

I am so grateful to know you and thank you for everything you are doing for me and for my friends!
Many blessings,
An xxxx

From Karen - March 28, 2013

Cherokee Billie,

You are a very kind person and thank you for helping us.  Yes, I feel comfort knowing my loving Apollo is around and my attachments are not holding him back.  In fact, I feel he encourages me now to be more expansive and let him take me into the "light fields" in my meditations.

I have told many people about you already and I hope they connect with you.

I would like to have another reading on Thursday.  It would have to be around noon or after 5:00pm (same time as New York).  I will sign up on your website if you can get me in. I have been a psychotherapist for 20 years and I retired to offer spiritual life coaching.  The reading will be about fine tuning my career options.

Since you have a fondness for animals, attached is the last picture taken of Apollo.  He is asleep on my lap.

Thank you for all you are doing,
Karen Patrick

From Chase - March 25, 2013

Thanks so much for your wisdom, and affirming for me what my spirit has said, it's nice to have that 2nd 'it's O.K.' and in all honesty if you knew my background and what I've been through you may appreciate the fact that I too have spiritual feelings; just need to be more aware and not "Question" them, that is the trick...

I would however appreciate another time to speak with you, if for no other reason that as a women that is intuitive and a second opinion and sort of steer me in the best direction when I become twisted. Think U know what I mean.

Thanks Much Wonderful One,in Kindness always,

From Anu - March 23, 2013

Dear Cherokee,

Thank you so much for taking the time to do my phone reading. I really appreciate your honesty and candor. You always have a way of making me feel better and hopeful. I plan on taking your advice on buying the brain supplements for my son. I will also send some much needed prayers and white light to my husband. I'm so grateful to call you a friend and a spiritual advisor.

Take care and hope to speak to you again soon!


From Julie - March 22, 2013


Thank you SO MUCH for that incredible Numerology report! It was very extensive and seemed very very accurate for me!!!!! It seemed pretty spot on for matt too, as he owns his own business, and it takes about sensory things for him (and as we talked about he is deaf.) I truly appreciate the time you put into that!!

Have a blessed day! Xo

From Paula - March 21, 2013

I followed the advice you gave me and my husband Harry went to his friends house today after work but before he left I told him I left that I love him and he said he loves me to. I was in shock because he hasn't said that in 10 and half months. Thank you Billie you are truely amazing :) Paula

From Jacinta - March 18, 2013

Sometime in 2012, I came across Cherokee Billie's article entitled "Cleansing Your Spirit Native American Style". I am Norwegian and have zero Native American heritage, but I knew from Cherokee that the Native Americans were very smart, so I studied the article. I admit I scoffed at the idea of smudging: how could smoke help "cleanse" a room, or myself? But I decided to give it a go after I realized I was always anxious and stressed in my own home. I purchased some organic white sage and got to work. The smell and smoke was tough at first, and I had no expectation to it. However, within the next 12 - 24 hours, I noticed a significant change in my spirit, mind, behavior and how I felt about being in the house. I had been very skeptical to smudging, but it actually worked!!

"Releasing the Past" was also a very good lesson. Writing down the names of people who have you hurt, and watch them going up into smoke was surprisingly healing and releasing :)

Thank you, Cherokee Billie, for teaching me some good tricks to use in every day life :) Jacinta

From Julie - March 15, 2013

Hi Billie :)

I just wanted to thank you for all the valuable insight you've given me. I think your gift is incredible and your service is very valuable. I continually find the things you say to be true and have used a lot of your insight in my decision making process. THANK YOU!!

From Karen - March 03, 2013

Ohhhh... I am feeling deep gratitude for your and our connection, on all levels... The message’s you received were so incredible and a confirmation of those in spirit that are helping me.  As weare walkin the talk.. Blessings of Light! 

I feel it -- protecting the intellectual property has been a concern... The lady in the coffee shop was a symbol of faith I later learned.. there is more of course.. but I have been focused on building the power of light around me and my privacy because it is the mission no ego.. 

THERE IS SO MUCH ENERGY!! I read your email and felt like crying and then LETS GET TO WORK.. we will be in touch of course


From Valli - February 23, 2013

Thank You, for a wonderful psychic reading and being a big part of my life today.  You gave me a clear direction of what I should do next on my spiritual path.  I have been confused for quite some time as to what to do next and now I know which direction to go.  I have read both of the links you sent me and am all set to get to work to try to talk to my father and grandmother for advice on how to deal with my abusive 90 year old mother.  Also took the quiz on being a Light Worker and except for #4, all the other signs listed I'm highly gifted in those areas.  I don't hear ringing in my ears in #4, what I hear sounds like the Heavenly Host Singing.......loud and clear.   And it is awesome and beautiful for sure.  

You have definitely been a godsend in my life.  Thanks and much love. 

Your friend, 

From Julia-February 11, 2013

Hello Cherokee,
Was truly a blessing to be able to speak with you during these
EPIC transitional times. I feel I can now go forward with my dream of writing and that nothing can stop me. You took the time to understand what was going on and help me get clear about what I really want from my life. I know that when I contact you again you will hear about my progress.

Anne-Marie-January 17, 2013

I want you to know your reading helped me immensely, I was cautious because of your insight and saved myself some possible grief. I am so glad that I contacted you before I caused myself to be an over my head. You are so pleasant to speak with and I could feel how much you connected to my situation.

I continue to enjoy your FB posts. Thank you for all the work that you do.
Much love,

Gionanninna-December 27, 2012

Good afternoon Cherokee,

I finally got your message and what you meant.  I thank you again for everything.   You have provided me with much more insight and I can have a level of peace about my deceased loved one that has moved on.  Have a great day and wonderful holiday.


From Kathy - December 20, 2012

Hi Cherokee Billie,

I want to thank you for everything. I know I got a little bit emotional, but the loss is still pretty new. Walter only passed on 9/2/12. But I know he is happy and with me all of the time.

You cleared up a lot of doubts that I had regarding my gift, and I thank you for that.

I know that my prayers are answered and I am praying for you. I pray most of the day, so maybe that's why God listens, (lol I never shut up).

Have a beautiful day.

Blessings, Light and Love

From Mick-December 01, 2012

I want to thank you for your compassionate understanding and practical advice.  I have read the articles you recommended.  I did the writing the names of the people that have ticked me off throughout my life, wrote what it was that upset me said it out loud and with emotion, then burned the paper.  You told me to repeat it until I felt a noticeable "click" inside me... well I felt a thump thump in my heart, really wasn't expecting anything, so it was pretty cool to have that happen on the first try.  I also called Bill down in Tennessee today.  So, that's quite a bit, eh! :)  I'll be in touch with you and look forward to our next communication.Mick

From Kara - November 24, 2012

It was such a pleasure to get a reading from you! You are a delight, and thank you for the articles. They are very helpful. I am very optimistic and happy about my future and also happy with right now. Many thank for the prayers and blessings.

Have a lovely week!


From Melinda-November 01, 2012

Cherokee Billie, I know you are one blessed soul. You have such a strong SPIRIT. And I dare people, if you want to know something or need guidance in your life?! She's the one to call. I did call her, and never in my life, have I called a physic before!!! But my soul knew to call her. Yes I too have a strong spirit. And follow my inner thoughts. I know now, she is blessed. And indeed, she can read you like an open book. If this scares you? It shouldn't! If ya want to know the truth and or just feel the need to contact a loved one that has passed away. Then I say call her. Do you have any questions about life??? Are you having a hard time finding love? Or are you lost? Then I dare you to call her. Be blessed and know you are. Peace and love be with you, Cherokee Billie. Thank you for being the wonderful soul that you are. And for your guidance. Sincerely, Melinda Wright


From Darla-October 31, 2012

I have been meaning to contact you for another reading.  You gave me the best
reading of all psychics I have tried, because some of the things you said would happen this year actually did.  You said I would find a friend with a good heart, and I have.  And you said our finances would be better this year, and they were. 
Thank you! Darla

From Donnie-October 30, 2012

I would like to say that I called and spoke to Emily a very pleasant talk; she has put my mind at ease with what has been bothering for 6 years. I plan on calling back to follow thru with all my questions, hopefully tomorrow.  I want to say thank you, thank you so much. Donnie

From Mary - October 18, 2012

Dear Cherokee Billie,

I am so happy about our communication - thank you for the gift of your insight and wisdom, it confirmed what was coming up in my soul and it gave me peace. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing to help the universe, I am so glad I called for a reading!

I am grateful for your prayers, thank you for being a prayer warrior.

I appreciate your beautiful letter and I look forward to our next communication.
Yes the windshield is bigger going forward than the rearview mirror on the past.
Love that! Glad to be inspired on this lovely misty morning in Thailand.


From Kasia- September 27, 2012

Wow! Thank you so much for this Email reading and for the amazing free numerology gift that was so very kind of you!

I have heard of twin flames before but there's so many different
information out there about it but your video sounded so much better & very
much like the connection that him & I have! I told him about what you
said & he's very much in agreement.

Its interesting that you said that we would have a baby but perhaps with
some medical assistance.. That would definitely be the case because half of
my cervix has been cut out due to a cancer & even before that I wasn't
really producing eggs regularly so would need fertility drugs to assist in
that regard. I know the journey would be a very difficult one so its nice
to have some hope that it can happen for us! I would love to create a
beautiful child out of this amazing love.

I was very very touched that you would pray for us... And I will be forever
grateful for that.. Thank you so much!

I am so glad that I've had the honour of connecting with such a beautiful
soul such as you and I look forward to connecting with you again soon!

Again.. Such a huge thank you!!

Much love to you!

From Anne Marie - September 24, 2012

Thank you so much Cherokee Billie. It was so helpful hearing your insight into Andrew's experience and motivation. I feel much more hopeful about my job search &what the future holds after speaking with you. It's just good to have a little edge as to what to expect.  I'm looking forward to speaking with you again in the future. Thank you for your prayers, I know they will help me. Much love, Anne-Marie

From Becky - September 05, 2012

Dear Cherokee Billie,

I thank you. :)

As I stated in my FB post, your vision has given me a confidence to leave myself open to the possibility of a relationship with John. I have struggled with confidence over the years. John is a good man. He is a very spiritual man, and it is our spirituality that attracted us to one another in the first place.

You are a beautiful, gifted soul, and I thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I realize that you aren't feeling well, but to be honest, I truly wanted the reading to be from you. I so hope you are feeling better soon and I look forward to my next reading!

Love and Peace,

From Melinda - August 12, 2012

Hi, Billie,
I wanted to thank you again for our conversation on the phone last night.  You totally seemed to get me, and we are so "in tune" when it comes to music.  I am trying to find out if Nova offers a music therapy tract as you suggested, though I may still have to do Mental Health Counseling and specialize on my own.  I feel so connected through music and I know you are right about that being the path to pursue. Your articles are inspiring to read; can't wait until I can do a channeling with you!
Have a great week,

From Geraldine - July 22, 2012

Thank you so much Cherokee-Billie

I really enjoyed talking to you as I felt we were on the same wavelength which is always good when we need advice.

I love your facebook page and your blog and all your inspiration; I am forever sharing this with my friends.

I feel I am in a good place at this moment in my life, its took a long hard road but I am well on the way Thank God.

Yes i would love to meet someone, i am sorry for the person who is scamming me and also for the person's identity he  has stolen, the only good to come out of it is that i can pray for that lost soul. He sent me some lovely letters and i really felt there was a connection but alas no, as soon as he o asked for money i just knew this wasn’t right. Thank you for your confirmation, although deep in my heart i just knew. He didn’t catch me and no doubt he will do it again, but hopefully with my prayers for his lost soul he might change things too.

The numerology report was me to a tee!!! Yes i do care a lot and sometimes people have abused that but i am getting wiser as i get older so hopefully i will know when the right life partner comes along.

Yes the boss is definitely in a bad way and yes I am going to do the light exercise on her to help and heal her, i know deep down she is not a bad person.

Thank you again and yes hopefully we will speak again at some stage and i will have good news for you.

God Bless and thank you for your prayers, you have mine too.


From Kathleen - July 10, 2012

I wanted to thank you for the last two recent readings I had with you. I loved your straight forward approach of me being able to ask specific questions. You helped me answer and confirm some questions that were coming up for me. You really helped ease my confusion that was running through my head. Your information was very accurate.

I will definitely be using your services in the future and pass your name on to my friends.

Thank you.

From Louise - July 09, 2012

Dear Cherokee Billie,

I wanted to thank you for your reading.  It is great to know all that you told me.  It’s funny how when one imagines and questions things it makes life more difficult.  You have made my day a happy one.  Thank you for your answers.

With appreciation & blessings! Louise

From Brenda  -  June 20,2012

Hi Cherokee Billie!

Back in January you helped me talk to my uncle who died trying to cross the border. You helped me so much with that and you also answered some other questions I had.

You said I would not find the job I liked until about 6 months.

At the time I was interviewing at a company I thought I would love and was certain I was going to get the job. I got a little upset that you saw that I wouldn't like this job, so I forced myself into saying that it was the job I wanted. About a week ago I was let go (fired really). I hated it there but remembered what you had said about finding a job in 6 months, so I kept looking and knew that something good would come to me. Today I got the news that I got this awesome job! The boss and my supervisor are totally on the same wavelength as me. I am so happy to be working with them! I start Monday. You also said I would meet somebody at work. Today as I left the workplace I saw a ton of guys and I know your vision will come true soon.

I just want to thank you for the help and encouragement.

Much Love,

From Luz  -  June 14, 2012

Hi Cherokee

I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciated the advice. Also i wanted to let you know that after we ended up the conversation I had a memory that came to mind from a reading that I had when I was 18years back home, this older lady told me that I was going to heal people with my hands, I never gave it much thought and being a chiropractor I thought that was what she was talking about. I still wonder what is that I am supposed to be doing as far as healing with my hands. I guess time will tell. Thanks for validating my feelings about doing something else with my life.

I also have some other questions regarding my brother (that I have not spoken in several years) and my relationship with my husband. Will call soon

Thanks again

From Shiva - June 08, 2012

Dear Cherokee Billie,

Greetings!  Thank you so much for your reading yesterday. It was indeed a great pleasure to have a reading with you.

Your reading gave me a lot of clarity and answers to many questions.

Now I know my direction and what lies ahead of me. Thank you so much for your guidance and advice. God Bless!

Love & Gratitude,

From Joy - May 25, 2012

Hi there,

   Thank you ever so much for your kindness and words of wisdom. You did confirm everything that I felt and I will do my best to continue practicing patience. I know divine timing is not the same as our time but, boy I wish it was, lol. I understand though that this is what needs to happen for growth to occur.

    I trust that things will work out with Don and the new job(s). We are all servants of our beloved creator who loves us dearly. Lol, I'm working on my ascension for this lifetime!! When the earth goes fully into the 5th dimension I want to go to, lol. I look forward to reading the book you mentioned on the phone Friday and other articles. Thank you for your time!!! You gave very sage advice!!


From Vivienne-May 22, 2012

Cherokee Billie is a woman of her word. She provides inspiration, compassion and sensitivity when providing advice to people. I highly recommend Cherokee Billie when seeking guidance. If you are dating she will be able to tell you if that person is good for you.  She has been most helpful with some of my clients from my dating service. 
Thank you,

From Jacqueline-May 07, 2012

I believe you are in for a unique psychic experience with Cherokee Billie. She not only cares and takes a personal interest in your success as an individual, but she KNOWS FROM SPIRIT when the timing is right to ask and what to ask for to manifest what is in your highest good. Many psychics can predict, not all accurately, but can they recommend with confidence when to ask? To all this, she has a conversational style and is a seasoned professional with integrity--emotionally mature, understanding, and true to her word. Many people out there are gifted and well intentioned, but are they professional? Cherokee Billie is all of the above. I recommend her to everyone. Jacqueline

From Susie - April 29, 2012

Dear Cherokee Billie,

Thinking of you today, hoping you are well, wishing you a beautiful day, and a lovely and relaxing weekend ahead!  I hope that this day has given you many reasons to smile! 

This upcoming Sunday will be the anniversary of the channeling you kindly provided me two years ago.  I would like to again express my deepest gratitude to you for helping me progress spiritually through this channeling.  One of the very precious outcomes of this growth has been my discovery of my Twin Flame, which has also led to my understanding about my past lifetimes, my purpose in my current lifetime, and our plan together to bring more Love into the world.  So many beautiful lessons, so many wonderful realizations, so many personal challenges!, and *so* much joy.  My greatest dream not only came true… it has been true all along. 

I hope that every dream you hold dear within your heart will come true for you as well.  I pray that your only tears will be those filled with happiness, gratitude, and joy.  *Thank you*, Billie, and May God bless you in every way. Susie

From Frances - April 27, 2012

Dear Ms. Cherokee:

Thank you so much for your reading and your help with my spiritual life.  I have been looking for someone to help me understand more about my spiritual path and I was able to get the answers from you.  At first I was not sure if you were the right person, but after we finished I practiced immediately what you told me and I saw the difference.  I will contact you again to help me understand more about my spiritual work. 

Thank you so much,

From Elizabeth - April 15, 2012

Cherokee Billie,

I want to thank you so much for today’s reading.  I have always felt that this job will lead to something else.  Was sorta giving up on that, but now you gave me hope again.

I have much food for thought, but thank you again.  If you sense anything more about what I will be doing, I sure would love to receive an e-mail from you about that.

I look forward to reading the numerology and self-healing article you wrote on plantar fasciatis that you are sending.

Again thank you and God Bless You! Elizabeth

From George - April 11, 2012

Hi Billie

I really want to thank you for the thrilling experience on Saturday night. It was my first time and even though I believed in life after death and the possibility of contacting spirits, finding the right person would have been a challenge. That is why I talked about the price you charged. I was asking myself: What if the spirit will no communicate with me? etc. Having said that, your service is worth every penny and more. I am transcribing our dialogue in Romanian so I can send it to my mom and my aunt. 

Thanks for the links that may be useful to my mom (I will have to find the time needed to translate all those).


From Seema - April 10, 2012

Dear Psychic Cherokee Billie,

I just wanted to send this email out to you and express how much your answers meant to me today. You are a truly exceptional psychic I have come across and I will certainly keep you posted on how things turn out. Seema

From Jonathan - April 05, 2012

I just got hired for a job that I originally never applied for in Prescott, AZ. It's sort of a miracle. You said you saw me working and living in Arizona during our psychic reading.  Your insight is amazing. Thanks for everything. I'll talk with you soon. Regards, Jonathan

From Ingrid  -March 31, 2012

Dear Billie,

I have not contacted you for several years, but there is something on my mind that I want to share with you and I hope you don't mind. I hope you want to read my story, I am not asking for anything; I just want to let you know you were right. 

In one of your readings you told me, about 2 years ago, that I had more in common with you health wise than I thought I did. I was constantly exhausted (still am). It's only gotten worse and in December I had to stop working, I was tired, in a lot of pain and very distracted (foggy brain). I've been in and out of the hospital for all kinds of tests and the diagnosis came 3 weeks ago, I have fibromyalgia. I have to stay out of work till August and then I'll go back to work but no longer fulltime as that will be impossible. I hope I can keep working even in fewer hours because I'm on my own and need an income. Going through this myself now, I understand how hard life is for you.

I just wanted to tell you this. 

Love and light,

From Sonja - March 29, 2012

Thank you so much Billie, for that beautiful note after our reading!! I very much appreciate all your energy and guidance.  You nailed my condition with your Medical Intuitive abilities.  I will implement all of your suggestions and will check in with you again. I wish you well!! :)

Angel Blessings,

From Evie  -  March 26, 2012

I would like to thank you so very much for the email reading, it was very helpful. I really needed to know some of the things you went over in the email, for my own piece of mind. Your Insight was very enlightening.  Many blessing your way and I hope to be communicating with you again soon! Thank you, Evie xoxo

From Janet - March 10, 2012

Let me tell you I am blown away by this lady.  I have had psychic readings where I’ve paid up to $15.00 per minute and I got a lot less information and had to stay on the telephone a long time. Cherokee Billie is fast, I found her extremely accurate, and amazed at how little she charges for such quality work. I look forward to speaking with her on a regular basis because I’m going through a very difficult divorce right now.  She was able to tell me exactly what strategy my husband and his attorney are planning to use against me.  She only asked me a few questions and from there she was able to tune in and tell me exactly what was going on.  I highly recommend this wonderful psychic. Janet

From Lesa-February 25, 2012

Thank you so much Miss Billie! Your psychic reading was outstanding!  I am so fascinated by your work and your articles are interesting and informative. I would like to take some of your classes and I will, just as soon as I get myself together. I sincerely appreciate your help and especially your prayers. Thank you! And thanks soo very much for the "Guided Meditation" it is wonderful! Thanks for being so incredible and awesome! Many great blessings to you and yours. God bless!

From Eva-February 18, 2012

Dear Cherokee Billie,

Thank you so much for giving me the glimpse of your given abilities to communicate with the ones who passed. I so much wanted to share something with my dear friend and by your help it was possible. I know I have to make peace with him being gone, but I found you by no coincidence, and my message found its natural way. I think your genuine gift could help many in need.  Love, Eva.

From Brooke - January 25, 2012

Dear Cherokee Billie:

Thank you for connecting me with my precious Eli through your channeling. I have a strange sense of peace now knowing that he is free from his confining earthly body. I feel that he is like a butterfly, was in a cocoon for 10years, not being able to move, and has now escaped that and is free to move about as he pleases and fly freely...

His reference of disliking doctors so very much hit a very deep place for me because not only did he have to see them so very often, but because of doctor negligence, he was born with his disabilities. He was a very healthy baby boy until delivery. At that point the doctor did not do his job and due to that he lost oxygen supply to his brain, in uterine, for almost an hour, which caused brain damage. However, the damage did not affect his cognitive, so although he could not speak, he was highly intelligent, and that was very known, by myself especially. It destroyed the connections that linked his brain to his muscles which left him unable to do much of anything.

Eli was and is a blessing to me. He taught me more than I ever expected. He was a beautiful light in my life as well as in many, many other peoples lives. 

I've always considered myself to be very spiritual, I absolutely believe in the spirit going to a much better place once you leave this human body. I also believe that we each do already have a set path, but that you can possibly change it for the better if you are willing and strong enough to do so.

I want to thank you again for talking to my precious boy... He holds a piece of my heart that I know I will get back one day....


From Rosa - January 13, 2012

Psychic Danni is a true psychic everything she told me came to past, she predicted that my daughter would get her license and she did. I am so happy that i found her and psychic Cherokee Billie as my true psychic. These are two incredible ladies.
Love Rosa! FLA

From Emily - January 09, 2012

Dear Cherokee Billie,
Thank you so much for including me in your Christmas and New Year's wishes! It was a challenging time at home, and to have received your greetings was very soothing and encouraging :) I'm grateful to you for the phone readings you have given, about my rabbits, animals and people; they are always tremendously helpful and perspective-regaining. I often think of letting you know my appreciation especially, and I am happy to have the opportunity to now. I've frequently thought if I ever get the money I would want to take your psychic class. Seems like a thing everyone could benefit from. I hope your health and other things in life go well and smoothly this year for you.
Warm wishes,

From Quisan  -  December 29, 2011

Hi Cherokee Billie,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to just say thank you for all you have done for me. Your guidance, wisdom, advice, and incredible insight have been truly invaluable. I feel such a strong connection to you...kind of like a grandmother I've known forever but just met in the physical a short time ago. Don't laugh when I tell you this but when I daydream about my wedding to Daniel I feel like you should be there! :) And I know that when he finally pops the question and when I hit my 200 student goal at the studio, you will be one of the first people I will call!  You just feel like family to me...hard to explain. Maybe we were connected in a past life? I don't know. But I feel like you are helping me be a better person and I am SO thankful God led me to you!

I spent about an hour perusing through your website last night reading all of your advice articles and I must say it was so educational...wish everyone could read what you have to say. I think it would change a lot of people's lives if they would receive what you say.

I told my mom about you a couple of days ago and she is planning to schedule a session soon so she can talk to you for herself. I'm excited for her!

Well, I know you're busy so I won't get too long-winded on you but just felt strongly I needed to take the time to let you know how much you've touched my life in such a wonderful way. Happy New Year!

Blessings and love to you,

From Maureen - December 25, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie,

You have helped to teach me about finding the spirit of life INSIDE, rather that outside of me. Bless you for that!

Wishing you safety and peace for the holiday season and for 2012.

Take care,

From Deborah - December 20, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie,
Thank you for your work.  It is valuable and I appreciate everything you shared.  I look forward to the media you sent and will look at it all asap.  Thanks for that.
I am glad that Spirit has led me to you today.  It was like taking a drink of pure water.  So refreshing to hear the old-ness in your voice --- I am not speaking age.  I mean the knowing.  So many are here to impress and well, I so appreciate your authenticity.
I send you blessings and prayers for your path to be easier.  May those who need you find your door, and may there be a reciprocation for you.
Take care and feel free to be in touch if you like.
Blessings back to you,

From Jo- December 15, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie thank you so much for your free Ebook gift (Heavenly Seduction) I am so looking forward to reading it.. i only wish i didn’t live so far away across the sea..i would  loved to have met you in person..for now i enjoy your newsletters which i appreciate very much. Angels come in all shapes and you are one dear angel..i read a lot about angels and it gives me great comfort to know they are there watching over us all..   Have a great Christmas and a safe and happy new year.  May God bless you and all your family and friends!  Jo

From Mari – December 08, 2011

Hi Cherokee Billie,
I enjoyed the reading with Danni. The reading was like talking with an old friend. She confirmed some things that I was feeling, and she shared some insight about what's to come depending on what actions I take. The reading helped give me clarity to what path I should take be taking. I appreciated her insight.

From Lynn - December 03, 2011

Once again your timing was accurate.  You tell me that I would hear Van within three hours to three days.  Exactly three hours after our conversation he called.  I always trust my readings with you because no other psychic has been so accurate with answers and especially timing. 

Thank you for everything,

From KMS - December 02, 2011

While knowing Danni was trained and taught by Cherokee Billie, I had no reservations to speak with her. Danni is very accurate, straightforward, and to the point. She's easy to talk to and very honest. Unknowingly, Danni shared things with me that Cherokee Billie has previously shared with me - I knew then that Danni was also truly gifted and would provide with me good advice. I look forward to speaking with Danni again!

From Valerie - November 29, 2011

Hi Cherokee Billie. I had a psychic reading with Danni today and she was fantastic. She was very detailed and confirmed several things for me that was spot on accurate. Thanks so much for such a gifted reader. I will definitely spread the word about the accuracy and kindness of both you and Danni. Thanks so much, love and light. Valerie

From Eva-November 27, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie,

I wanted to wholeheartedly thank you for your time and effort for diving into the answers on my questions in reading. I see you now even as more compassionate lady, if that could possibly be.

I think a lot about my protective angels. My understang is they are given to us by God and by our karma, and your explanation (I've read it somewhere on your site) - that they step away (don't intervene) if we have to have some stronger experience - resonates with me. This happens to me sometimes. I see it as speeding up.

I very much like your approach to life; even with knowing that it is mostly full of struggles, and very much illusory, you try to help even with the slightest issue, knowing that it could mean bigger issue later on our spiritual path. According to that I learned that some spiritualists are wrong telling 'nevermind' on some aspect of mind or hidden emotion. Even maybe if that is not so important to the soul, we have to deal with it.

So I am very grateful to you for allowing me to learn.

Greetings to the most compassionate lady in my life,

From Cherry-November 26, 2011

Dear Cherokee:

I just had my first reading with your new psychic Danni and I want to thank you for adding her to your service. She was spot on with every answer and many things she knew before I even asked. She did not waste any time and she delivered straightforward answers. Danni I look forward to speaking to you again very soon.


From Carter - November 19, 2011

Thank you so much for helping me today. I really admire your honesty and being upfront with me about my situation. I am going to do all of the things you asked me to do to bring myself into a better understanding of my true value. You are truly a God gifted woman who is full of love and compassion. I will be untouched with you in a few weeks. Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. ;)

From Norma - November 17, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie,

Today I have decided to send you a letter of gratitude. I have contacted you many, many times over the past two years for very important advice. I must say you have never let me down.

I have accomplished many things from your insight. Your readings are very detailed. Channelings to my deceased loved one very clear and your connection is a true one. The questions I have asked are to my amazement accurately true, always!!! Guided Meditation is the most peaceful event anyone could experience in this life time and I am truly grateful.

You are a true blessing to me. I am eternally grateful.
God Bless You...Norma

From Christine-November 06, 2011

Hi Cherokee Billie,
Just wanted to send an email praising you for you great work and denotation.  Back in August of this year, I called you asking for a reading on a very difficult situation with a friend of mine who I admire, love and adore.  You had said that things would turn around in seven weeks.  Well, seven weeks to the exact day, he came over to my house and it seemed as though things were back to normal.  Our friendship has been growing stronger and stronger ever since and has well moved past the problems we endured. Now, if only your other prediction prove to be as accurate, we will finally be together within three months!  I can't wait.
Thank you so much for all of your support and guidance, it is truly appreciated.

From Kathryn - November 03, 2011

Yes! Darryl called Sunday night and left me a message (so that was within the 2-8 day window you suggested) I was nice as you advised and return his call, leaving a message in a sweet voice. I've learn you catch more bees with honey:-)!

Take care,

From Erica  -  October 17, 2011

Hi Cherokee Billie,

Thank you for your time and insight today. I felt very comfortable speaking with you and you were able to get right to the heart of what I was asking. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how the next 2 weeks will unfold. I have made no decisions yet - about my relationship or potential business...but finally feel at peace because I realize it will all become clear. Thank you for the articles and video!

I will be in touch as the next two weeks unfold!

From Katrina - October 16, 2011

Hi Cherokee Billie

Just wanted you to know that I find the white light technique is working! I have felt significantly safer these past few days and it only continues to get better so thank you for your help. I was also able to purchase sage smudge bundles yesterday-- i bought two different kinds, one white sage and the other blue -- I think they are both the same except for the scent so I'll probably try burning the blue tomorrow and save the white for later.

Thanks again for your advice and for reminding me of that 2 for 1 special!

All the best,

From Steven - October 02, 2011

Dear Cherokee,

Thank you so much for the reading. You gave me hope and that is something I always question about. I really appreciate your letter to me. It means a lot to me. I believe that next time we encounter I will deliver good news to you. I will be patient as you suggested :)

Thank you so much for your time


From Karla-September 30, 2011

Hi Cherokee Billie,

Thanks for your spiritual insight. I have been doing the light exercise twice daily as you suggested. I finally had a chance to buy the smudge stick & plan to spiritually cleanse myself & my love via his picture. I pray he finds mental clarity & inner peace so we can refocus on us. I have faith we will be together soon. Hope to speak to you soon.


From Sherri - September 25, 2011

Hi Cherokee Billie,

Thank you for my reading. I will be calling back. I had my days confused. This morning at 1am made 9 days without talking. He called at 4:30 AM 9 days and 3 hrs after we last spoke. You said 9.  You were right. We just talked. Nothing about us but he did call. Thank you And I look forward to our next reading.



From Jenn - September 20, 2011

Hi Billie!

I am now here in Philadelphia and I like the place. I still have a hard time adjusting to the people but I know I will learn to get comfortable soon. I have only been here 12 days and it has been busy but I am having fun.

Also, Miguel met with me yesterday! It was only for an hour since he came to see me after his work and before my class started. It was nice, a little awkward at first but eventually it was like we just knew each other from before. We were comfortable and fun and I liked it. I hope he comes to see me again soon.

You said that we will meet and within the first month of me being here it happened! I am feeling very positive now about the other things you told me and I hope things go very well for us. I try not to let my thoughts get consumed with thoughts of when we are going to be back together and all that. But I am just waiting for that time he comes back in my life as my partner again. Thank you so much for giving me hope. I will talk to you again soon. :)

Love, Jenn

From Nabila - September 13, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie

Thank you for such a truly wonderful and clear reading. It has given me the needed strength to bear a painful situation. I shall heed your advice. 

Much blessings and good wishes,

From Madeline - September 04, 2011

Hello Cherokee Billie,

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful reading and all the stuff you have sent me. You do not know how you have helped me stay positive. I also want to thank you for the fact that you said you would continue to pray for me. Your help is appreciated more then you know. I have waited 10 long years for this man to be free and for us to finally be able to have some kind of solid relationship. The fact that you told me that he truly does have real feelings of Love for me has made me so happy.  At least I know I am not wasting my time. I know you will be hearing form me occasionally when some positive reinforcement is needed while waiting for this all to manifest.....I will let you know if we get together this month as you feel we will and let you know how it went. I have been getting reading since I split form my Xhusband which is 12 years now,  and  I feel that in you I have found an advisor and a friend.

You do have a new client in me. Again Thank You so much

Love and Blessing

From Melissa - August 31, 2011

THANK soon as we ended our call I did as you suggested, writing down the names on a sheet of paper and burning the paper. Wow - I'm BLESSED to say what a difference that has made in my spirit in such a short amount of time. I'm feeling much better now as if there was an unknown burden lifted from my spirit.

I will continue to do this process as possible if needed over the course of the next few days!!!

Additionally, Darryl, my new boyfriend, called me immediately after I burned the paper and said a quick prayer - this was even more a sign that I was doing the right thing and on the right track. I'm happy to know that he meets your approval. I'll keep you posted with the progress of our relationship. 

Continue to help others as you do and God will bless you accordingly!

In God's love,

From Anastasia - August 28, 2011

I took Cherokee Billie’s Psychic Class two years ago and I learned how to receive my own answers.   Since learning how to do this, I’ve continued using the Techniques I was shown to this day to communicate with the deceased.  I absolutely love doing it and I’ve been amazed and absolutely thrilled at some of the results I’ve gotten!  It has brought me such joy and the things I’ve learned, well you can’t put a price on that kind of experience!  Thanks to Billie, I’ve learned how to communicate with the deceased effectively and it has changed my whole life.  I think the best part about it was I was getting answers the very first time I tried it and it was very easy to do.   Now I get lengthy messages that sometimes go on for a page or two.   I don’t know what I’d do without this skill.  I don’t even remember what my life was like before Billie taught me how to do this.   I can’t say enough about her teaching abilities! All I can say is I highly recommend Cherokee Billie to anyone wanting to learn about Spirituality and wanting to learn how to communicate with a deceased loved ones.  It is truly an amazing experience that you must try for yourself!

From Chris - August 25, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie,

You have not only been extremely helpful with a situation that is very heartfelt, but you have been an inspiration!  Because of you, I will have the strength to wait another seven weeks so to allow this situation to unfold.  I will call on your services again and will keep you posted on how things develop! 

Keeping you in prayer!

From Kate - August 23, 2011

Billie, thank you so much for the reading this morning, you truly have a wonderful gift and ability. So much of what we talked about reinforced what I've was feeling and I feel very blessed to have your council. I look forward to our next visit.

Warm regards, Kate

From Sylvia - August 06, 2011

Hi Billie,

I am so thankful to have found you!  I really really connected with your sincere heart.  I come from a home where I did not have any if not at all motherly guidance and I'm doing the best I can to figure this out in this lifetime.  I am as spiritually developed as I can be with the tools I have been exposed to.  I am 35years and realize that I must take ownership now because I have yet to be married and have a family and this is my Dream.  I so badly want to be loved by a man who is available to me 100%.  There was something very unique about John's and my connection... it was very spiritual... if we are not meant to be so be it... but the passion I felt was so incredible that I would love more then anything to have a shot at it. 

I will definitely proceed forth with your instructions.  I will call you next week for another reading and to see an update.  I look forward to our next chat... I kindly thank you for going the extra mile with me... I really more then anything want to figure this love thing out because my Spirit is ready for that next level in development, where two become one.

Big hugs,

From Joaquin - August 04, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie:

Thank your for your email and the reading you did for me.  I believe it was my guardian angel that got me in touch with you.  I feel significantly better since I spoke with you, and I thank you for that.  You are truly gifted.

As I mentioned during our conversation, I will call you again in the near future.  I believe that things will start to get better starting right now.

Once again, I thank you for the time you spent with me.

From Victoria - August 03, 2011

Dear Cherokee,

I really enjoyed speaking with you. I was a little nervous, and didn't know what to expect, how to ask the right questions...:) But all that you've said is so true, about myself, and my mother, and my sister... I'm really inspired, and going to do everything what you've told me. Thank you for the articles, I am going to spend time using the White Light as well... One-on-one classes is also something that I'm quite interested in, and will think about it, so I hope we will speak again soon.

Thank you again, so much!

From Melinda - July 29, 2011


Thank you for being there for me from the very beginning, of my relationship, when I first called you. I look forward to this next phase in my relationship with Matt and I am motivated to start now to make my financial situation better for the future thanks to your advice. I really appreciated you praying with me today and I will continue to ask God for his blessings. Will keep in touch.


From Susan - July 22, 2011

Thank you so much for all of the insight you gave me towards my Mothers passing, she has gone done hill since we spoke last and barely opens her eyes. Her mind is quite busy though, would love to know what is going on inside it. Once again thanks you so much for your kind words and wisdom. Susan

From Kristin  -  July 21, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie:

It's very liberating for me to talk to someone who can help me get on track again and guide me towards enlightenment. It's not easy finding the way on your own, especially when in the kind of situation I've been in as of late.

Incidentally I’m still feeling better and in fact slightly optimistic for the first time in AGES, thanks to your insight!

Thank you again for your insight =)

I’ll be leaving for Iceland next week, but I’ll most likely schedule a phone call when I’m back, just to keep me on my toes and on the right path.

God bless,

From Tyrell - July 16, 2011

Hello Cherokee Billie:

I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time and tell you what has happened over the course of our doing readings these past few years.  When we met I was going through a bad divorce and you really helped me get past the bad part and move forward.  I slowly started dating and I would always check with you on the women that I was seeing.  You did not get that they were bad for me; you just kept saying that it wasn’t the right one.  A few months ago I called you about a new lady in my life and you told me that this was going to be the relationship I have been looking for.  Bingo!  You are so right and this lady is just what I have been looking for.  I’m so glad that you are part of my life. 

Thank you so much,Tyrell

From Kellie - June 17, 2011

I had a life changing moment the other day. I kept thing of you and your words of wisdom. I just want to thank you for all you do for me. Even though we are miles apart, I always feel you with me. Your words have gotten me over some rough times. This one is hitting me very hard. It has to do with my health. And when I think of all that I stand to lose, I read your articles.

With all my love, Kellie.

From Donna  -  June 09, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie,

I am quite sure I will be working with you again and again.  This is such a critical time in my life. I feel more like I am creating my future than I ever have felt before - and I want to be as wise about this as possible!!!!

You are very clear, refreshing, and wise yourself.  Your spiritual gifts are impressive, but they wouldn't do me any good without your wisdom to go with it.

I can't tell you how much better I feel - not that i don't feel the work I need to do, but that I have clarity on exactly what that work is. 

I am sending good energy work your way to help with that!


From Skye - June 05, 2011

It truly was wonderful to have a clear concise reading with a person who cares; you know pain therefore have a great sense of others this is what makes you good at your job.

Blessings my friend,

From Cointa - June 03, 2011

Thank you so much for your help! I am very happy I got the opportunity to talk to you regarding William (Billy). I know in my heart how much he loves me because he has always treated me with love and respect. As you said, I have met great guys, but my mind, heart and spirit are inspired by Billy in a wonderful way. Sometimes I dream about him, sometimes I feel our spirits get together and I wake up with a big smile.

Thank you again for your time and for being part of my life.

Many blessings,

From Donna -  May 23, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie,

You are an answer to my prayers!  When I contacted you the other day I was struggling with my direction and purpose in life, afraid of my own feelings, full of doubt.  Like yourself, I have been involved in spiritual work for decades.  But sometimes we all need a clear voice with wisdom and insight, which is what I found with you.  It was an internet search and following my gut that lead me to you, but of course it was so much more than that, because it is clear now that my own guides helped me find you.  

Your psychic connection is huge.  I could feel you going to your 'place' for psychic reading, and it was a remarkable experience for me to have a reading with you.  I could tell that you were getting very direct message with no ambiguity.  And best of all, you helped me to move forward at a time that is so important for me to do just that, but I had been stuck.  I'll let you know as life unfolds how your reading plays out.  You gave me exactly what I needed to get back to work with confidence and happiness.  Life is a journey, but it helps to have a map!  You are a treasure, Cherokee Billie.

My very best to you,

From Susan - April 23, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie,

I hope so much you are well.  Approximately one year ago you very kindly channeled my grandfather for me.  I truly enjoyed this reading, and I am very thankful to you for providing messages to me from my grandfather; when I hung up the phone after talking with you I cried tears of joy, because I have missed him a great deal and it was so wonderful knowing that his energy is as vibrant still as it was in physical life.  It was also a wonderful reminder that life and love never end.  Thank you so much for giving me this hope and happiness at a time I especially needed it.

However, I'd also like to apologize to you.  You emailed me a very kind message after the reading to which I did not respond.  I was in a great deal of pain, and I needed time to step away and to heal.  In the year that has passed since that day I feel that the Universe/ Spirit has taught me many important lessons, including learning how to trust my own intuition, and that there is so much more to this life, and those previous, than I could have before fathomed.  I'm seeing a much larger picture now, and I know that the day I contacted you I was also given a lesson I have only recently begun to learn.  It was a gift.  I will forever be grateful to you for your helping to teach me this lesson.

May you have a very blessed day.
Please take good care.
With much love,

From Maureen – April 16, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie,

After completing the  One-on-One Psychic Classes with you, I am writing to express my thanks, and to let you and others know how this work has helped me to grow.  I am quite isolated in my interest in spirituality and psychic tools.  I rarely discuss this subject or my questions with anybody, because I don't know people who share this interest.  Working with you allowed me to be open and ask any question, no matter how basic.  Also, you guided me to test my various abilities and when I reported back to you on how the tests went, our lesson built upon my experiences.  I appreciated that you coached me about what information I can trust versus what is not trustworthy.  You made the whole subject matter real for me.  As a result of working with you, I have a deeper understanding of the psychic world and confidence that I can use certain methods to get information.  Your psychic gift, and the honesty with which you share it, is greatly appreciated.


From Norma  -   April 05, 2011

Cherokee Billie, February 27th, 2009 is a day that will be with me until I take my last breath. You were there in the midst of all the evil lies that were slammed in my face over and over again concerning my sons’ death as suicide. Billie, "YOU" have been a God-send! Your abilities and your kindness have kept me in Gods light.  The changelings you have made to my son have made the truth so vivid. We now know that he was murdered in cold blood!  Over the last 2 years CSI was hired to investigate. Findings through forensics and autopsy have concluded that it was murder, not suicide!  Attorney has been hired, and "Wrongful Death" charges have been filed against 3 Police Officers. I cannot thank you enough for the guided meditation where I was able to go in the spirit and see and talk with my son face to face.  There are no words to express what that meant to me.  Billie, without your abilities I would still be against that brick wall! Thank You for everything! I am forever grateful! Norma

From Eva – April 03, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie,

This was my first encounter with channeling of the deceased. Although I had a strong desire to convey my message to one dear soul, before it happened, my mind was floating behind me trying to catch the heart in that intention.

But the heart and the mind came together in the experience of the meeting. Thank you, Cherokee Billie, for giving me the wonderful glimpse of "the other world" and providing a meeting with a dear person as if in my living room. The answers I've gotten provided me not just a happy heart, but also a joyful homework for a spiritual advancement.


From Anna -  April 01, 2011

Dear Cherokee Billie,

I want to thank you for the information that I have received through the sessions that we have had. It has proven to be insightful and has frequently given me a different perspective of whatever my situation was at the time of the session.  Interestingly, in many instances, what you have received from Spirit, when I have asked questions, has actually confirmed what I had already sensed to be the answers.

You provide another way of getting information that I can use when I'm trying to figure things out. I appreciate the work that you do.


From Katrina – March 29, 2011

I want to thank you so much for the guided meditation you took me on the other night.  Since then I have felt enormous peace, which is something I have not felt in many years.  I feel emotionally stronger than I did and I have you to thank for that.  I look forward to doing another guided meditation with you as I want to connect more with my angels. 

With love,

From Maria - February 09, 2011

Good Morning Ms. Billie;
I finally got my taxes accepted; Thanks to the almighty God; I did have to call twice like you said and to re-submit them two more times, but today Got accepted. I have just come back from church to deeply tank God for this special grace. It happened just like you said and I do know now that all the other prediction will come to pass too.

I would love to have a channeled reading and will do so soon.

Many blessings of love and peace,

From Maria – February 07, 2011

Dearest Billie;

I have received your email, just while reading all your wonderful articles.You are truly an amazing person and I believe that the "Great Spirit" connected us today. I have been searching on line for a true Psychic Medium for the last 3 days and some how I ended reading your page.

I added to my favorite and finally this evening, after cleaning the kitchen I sat at my computer and started scrolling down the information. I have been reading most of your articles since we spoke and I truly feel thrilled. I have always been very interested in metaphysic and life after death and your information are phenomenal.

I do hope to get my Tax funds soon and I will truly love a channeling reading. Both my parents are in the other life as well as aunts, uncles and grand parents. I only have a Brother who is in Italy, which I miss very much. I have not been able to go for now 7 years (this has been the longest since I am in USA) and he is in a special place, because of health problem. I wanted to talk longer and ask about when I am going to Italy next, since I have been waiting for a property sale to take place there too.

Well, again, thank you so much for being part of my life today.
Many blessing of peace and love,

From Catherine - January 27, 2011

Hi Cherokee Billie,

I just finished reading the first chapter of your book (wow)! I will be sure to order it. I wanted to thank you for your reading tonight and let you know that there was something about your voice ,something that I felt I needed to talk to you and that I could trust you. It is a difficult time right now for me, I feel like i have lost so much and my heart hurts each day but life goes on, really trying to find my strength. Again, thank you for all your help

Truly appreciate it.

From Julia - December 30, 2010

Dear Billie,

Thank you for communicating with my deceased husband Richard today.  You are the first person I've admitted that I haven't gotten over my grief for him.  He was such an integral part of my life, and his absence has been difficult for me.  I will try to do as you suggested and slow myself down, and ask God to let Richard come to me.  Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and comfort - I know that Richard is in a better place and is happy amongst his many friends and family.  He and best pal John must be partying all the time in spirit.

Also, I must thank you again for sharing your audio messages from Michael Jackson with me.  I go back to the messages again and again because they have helped me deal with Richard’s passing too.  They are truly wonderful messages and reflect Michael to the core.   Michael was the Mozart of our age, a being with other-worldly gifts, who inspired us, united us, and gave us hope.  It is our great deprivation that we lost him.

Thank you for helping me,

From Charlie – December 20, 2010

Hello Cherokee Billie:

You know the struggles I have had this past year in my relationship with Tracy.  I just want to thank you for being there to help me and from stopping me from making some mistakes that would have been really bad for me in this relationship.  Now as I look back over the past year I realize that this relationship was not for me and I’m so glad I followed your advice.  I have a whole new outlook for the coming year and I know that things are going to turn around.  I just want to say thank you can have a Happy New Year. 

Your friend,

From Sherri- December 07, 2010

Dear Cherokee Billie:

I wanted to let you know what has happened since our reading.  I was feeling totally defeated about my life and you told me that I needed to change my living situation.  Within a few weeks I was able to find the ideal place to live and just like you said I am feeling happier and spiritually light.  I did get the job that I wanted and it is real close to where I live.  I can see everything changing by practicing the methods you taught me to bring God’s Light into my life.  I look forward to speaking with you again and working more on increasing my spiritual knowledge. 

With love,

From Grace – October 21, 2010

Hi Cherokee Billie,

Thank you for your answers for my e-mail reading, they were very accurate.  You were spot on with my personality as I am not always demonstrative; especially being Scottish we tend to hold back.  The exception being my children whom I cuddle daily!

 Thank you so much for your answers, they have made such a difference to how I feel and how I will deal with my life form here on.

I am spending so much more time with family and friends that I haven't done so much in the past, and am surrounded by so much love.

I thank you for answering so quickly and allowing me to ask some more. I will practice using white light on us.  I have also decided to return to mass on Sunday with my Mum, which has made me very content.

I will certainly contact you for a reading in the future, you have a wonderful gift.

With thanks and blessings,

From Robin - October 09, 2010

Dear Cherokee Billie,

Thank you!!!!!  You are such an amazing lady. You and the things you say and write are very inspiring and motivating for me.  I love listening to you, reading your words, your experiences, your viewpoints, everything.  I want to soak it all in. 

You do so much for others!  You have made choices in your life to help others and you are so close to God. 

I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have had today's reading.  In today's reading you confirmed so much of what I have been feeling and has come to me recently.  It feels very, very good. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me.

I will pray for you,

From Melissa – October 07, 2010

Hi there Cherokee Billie:

I thought of you a few days ago and wanted to email to say hi. You were in my thoughts so I said a prayer for you.

Life is going okay for me, I'm still single, but happy and I'm learning to serve God in my singleness and spend more time with family and friends. Whoever Mr. Right is for me will come soon enough.

I wanted to give you confirmation of a reading you gave me several months back about Cassius, my former boyfriend, and Jacquelyn when I mentioned to you they were engaged. You were right in that they would have a September wedding; they were married this past weekend on September 25th. I continued to have dreams of him even through last week about him not being sure of marrying her, him wanting to see me, him wanting to talk with me, missing me, and realizing that he did not handle the situation with me appropriately. I would wake up from those dreams, say a prayer for him and let it be. I have no desires to be with him again.

You have helped me get through this ordeal and I want to thank you.

Sending you hugs,

 From Silvia - September 06, 2010

How can I start a testimonial that was life changing? There’s so many things we search in life, we want in life and there are things, some things, we cannot understand. In my case, that thing is death. For so many years I’ve ask myself what’s next? What’s happen when we die? We just stop living or just our bodies stop walking?  That doubt in my mind was like a disc over and over again. All my life I have been searching for answers, what’s next? As we walk in these streets of learning, sadly life has for us some secrets hidden in the corner. When we lost a loved one we do not understand, we do not see the answers. It’s so hurtful to need that person and not having it by your side. It’s an endless heartache never ends.

A year ago I’ve lost a dear friend of mine and I didn’t have the strength to go on. Even though for years I’ve been studying about life after death and try to find the answers via the spiritual, I wasn’t ready for that. I wasn’t. Life hit me hard and the pain was horrendous. Dealing with the passing of a loved one is a long process, a long journey to the healing. It was one question to another. Was he ok? Did he suffer?  Did he listen to my prayers? Respond to my answers? Does he sees me? Can he feel my pain? I saw him everywhere but he was not.

All this questions where around me ‘till I met Cherokee Billie. Suddenly all my answers showed up. It was like in just minutes all my doubts were gone. When I read Cherokee’s works I become instantly her number 1 fan.  I’ve absorb every word like a sponge, all the things that intrigued me in my life were answered, and more. A Fairy Godmother in body and soul to me walking in this real world.  When I read her changelings I was blown away. What a beautiful experiences, beautiful stories to share. What a blessing.  And that was it that was what I need it to do. After a long healing process, even that I know that scar is going to be there, I knew I have to do it. I need it and I was amazed by the results.

Dear Cherokee,

I am still shaking after receiving the channeling, I cannot find the words, I cannot thank you enough and I cannot thank enough God, my guides, for having you in my life. I know and I’m sorry as I told you before my English is bad, that's why I feel more comfortable writing. I start to stutter, I really feel silly, and sorry for that. But I know you can understand my feelings, I know you can read me. I speak from the heart and that's a universal language.

Thank you , thank you , thank you!

From Stu - August 29, 2010  

Hi Cherokee Billie,

Yes, thank you very much for today's past life regression session. After speaking with you on the phone, I felt refreshed and alert, rather than tired. It really got me thinking about things and brought to light some things that were always "on the surface" so-to-speak. Yes, now I feel the desire to recreate that life I had before - things are so complicated now- so many food choices, technological distractions, etc....

I've always been open minded, and communication with such other beings or spirits I would view as an average, everyday experience, rather than being cast into the "lunatic fringe" mold. Yes, you were correct in that what I see as average, ordinary, not-so-bizarre-at-all, others see as being unbelievable or just too "out there."

I will definitely take your advice, and of course listen to the radio program, etc...

Thank you again, and the impact of our session is something that is positive and rewarding.

Regards, Stu

From Andrew - August 22, 2010  

Cherokee, you make me feel so wonderful inside every time you do these videos. I guess from also being a psychic, it makes me feel the good in everything. To be very honest with you, your videos make me cry sometimes. And it takes a lot to make me cry. You have a very high psychic power Cherokee, and I am positive you know that. I always enjoy helping others as you do. It gives me a special feeling inside no one can take away. I’ve been told by many psychics I should do this. They say I could help many people. As I was watching your latest video, it reminded me of my dad. He has passed away from skin cancer when I was six. I know he’s both my moms and myself guardian angel. I do know he spends more time with my mom, however as I feel I have another angel watching over me. I feel it’s a girl who is in her mid thirties. My mom has told me she had a miscarriage about thirty years ago. I feel this person’s presence around me all the time. I try to astral project, and often try to meditate, but I can never seem to relax, or succeed. I have a feeling they’re trying to tell me things, but I can’t get across to them. I just hope one day I can finally talk to them. But Cherokee, I would never try to keep doing as much of the things I do if it wasn’t for you. You have inspired me so much! No one else in a long time has done this. So what I am trying to tell you is, thank you. Thank you for everything you do for me and others. And I’m sure God has something very well planned for you. I hope you keep doing these wonderful things for many years to come.

May you be blessed with all of Gods light.

From  Anuradha - August 21, 2010

Dear Cherokee Billie,

Thank you so much for your wonderful reading! I felt very comfortable talking to you and I know that you truly care. I will take your advice and try to move forward with my life. Also, thank you for the white light prayer as well. Hope to speak to you again soon!

Take care,

From Lisa - August 07, 2010  

Thanks so much Cherokee it was my pleasure talking to you. After the channeled reading you did for me I feel lots better, and know that my loved ones are here with me always. I am not alone and I am being visited by angels, and various family members who have passed to the other side. We talked about grandma, and how she sends hummingbirds to let me know she is still with us. Grandma is continuing (growing) and learning on the other side. I would like to have another reading from you in the future you helped bring peace, and I still feel very loved by grandma and loved ones who are in spirit. Bless you Cherokee for sharing your gift with me.


From Norma - August 01, 2010

Dear Cherokee Billie: Shot down in cold blood!!! How does a Mother survive after her son of 31yrs. is murdered?    First you feel like you have been slammed up against a brick wall...Secondly as reality sets in your heart has such an agonizing pain as if is being torn from your body. Thirdly you start to seek help, because no one really understands what you are going through. With Gods help I found you, Cherokee Billie!!!  Your gifts are so much greater than you give yourself credit for!  You have helped me with my healing process. No mental health Doctors of any kind could help in the healing process the way you do, Spiritually with GOD!!!  After a couple of readings with you I know my SON is safe in PARIDISE. Connecting with my son through your channeled messages meant everything to my very being, but that was not the best! You told me about "GUIDED MEDITATION" I was skeptical at first but trusted you to help me. The “GUIDED MEDITATION" was so great I cannot put it into words! I know your abilities and gifts come from GOD. Thank You for everything...God Bless You CHEROKEE BILLIE.....Norma

From Nina - July 18, 2010

Dear Cherokee Billie,

Thank you deeply for your time and support, assistance and lovingness during our session.

We cannot always hold for ourselves the same high vibration and unconditional love that we can hold for others, and I am grateful that I was led to you and your site, and to your gifts.

I most definitely feel the difference in my neck and even a bit in my left hip. The sword removal and prayer that you did for me was so powerful. I have continued to thank Archangels Michael and Raphael in my prayers today. Even my yoga class was different.

Thank you, Cherokee Billie and Blessings and Inspiration to you.

With love and gratitude,

From Dawn - July 14, 2010

Thanx again 4 today Billie, always great talkin 2 you. I tried what u told me 2 say to the spirits in my house hopefully they'll listen and of course I'll keep trying with them until I feel they have leftI really do wanna help them move on into the light.  I really appreciate your help in this matter.  With love, Dawn

From Jacinta - June 19, 2010

Dear Cherokee,

thank you so much for the psychic reading you did about my cat Michael. I had been a little concerned that maybe he wasn't happy living with me, but you proved me wrong! I'm amazed at how much he cares about me in such a short time. You got everything so spot-on, I'm impressed! Thank you so very much!


From Emily - May 21, 2010

Dear Cherokee Billie,

Thank you so much for your reading on my precious rabbit Jolie, who passed away yesterday, and for the enclosed memoir about saying goodbye to your beloved dog - it helped very much to read it. I have been writing a lot about my dear rabbit and memories of her, and have been paying lots of attention to my other sweet one. I am actually going to order the hardcover book, from your site, instead of the e-book, because I much prefer and really like having a solid physical book in my hands, unless the money for the hardcover book goes to someone other than you. I'm going to listen to radio shows I noticed in your archive, and am going to take the lesson Jolie was here to teach me to heart and not take it for granted, also in respect for her.

Best wishes,

From Sue - May 08, 2010 

After reading your memoir “Heavenly Seduction” I'm really at lost for words. Love can be so blind sometimes, and it's amazing what it can do to someone. Reading what you went through brought tears to my eyes. I always knew you were a strong person, and reading your Life story shows me now, why you are so strong. Reading the last page of your book made me cry like a baby. I never knew you were disabled, and not able to do things I take advantage of in my every day life. I keep asking my self how you get the strength, to do all these things such as your psychic readings, the community, your blog, and your website. I truly admire you more, after reading your book. Your an amazing person, and you've touch many people lives within your life on earth. I'm happy you came out of your life experience with a positive attitude and a gift from god. Gideon always spoke of how many lives he was bring to Jesus. But in the end it's YOU!! Whose helping people become spiritual and more in-tune with god. And you are the one who's going about it the right way. I can say so much more, but I keep crying while writing this. I just want you to know that you've touched my life in a positive way. I cannot wait to talk to you again over the phone; I'm saving up so I can do the guided mediation with you. But thank you once again for all that you've done, and I'll always continue to pray for you, may the Lord Continue to Bless You and keep you safe, and strong.  Sue

From Rósa - April 28, 2010

Thank you sweetheart I really appreciate!! I just really have been needing to hear what you've been telling me today and this letter was an extra to you and your loved ones always.....I honestly don't have the $ for repeated purchase of your services, but your words are invaluable and resonate in my being !! Be blessed! !!


From Sue - April 23, 2010

Thank You So Much For Tonight, I can't say it enough.

you've touched me in so many ways, and I'm so happy that I found you. Only god know's why he lead me to your site, and I'm so grateful that he did. I feel so much at ease tonight, I feel like I can sleep with little worries on my mind. My heart just feels at peace for some reason. Thank you for all the advise that you gave me tonight, you thought me what's important and what I need to focus on. I'm gonna recommend you to all my family member's and friends. So thank you, thank you Cherokee Billie. Thank You for all that you've done for this Community. I pray that your financial situation improves, just hang in there, and I'll continue to pray for you. This Community needs you.

With so much love, Sue,
and may the Angels above continue to bless, and protect you =]

From Dawn - April 12, 2010

hey billie...just wanted to say thank you for the reading's always so nice speaking with you...not only the the channeled conversations with michael through you, but also just speaking to you...your so genuine, and such a wonderful person...i'm so happy to be able to have someone to confirm my i i appreciate you more than you know...i wish you nothing but good health and to you soon...Dawn

From Ashley - April 02, 2010

We spoke on the phone a while back about my future as a screenwriter. I was just going to let you know that I appreciate everything you said and it's nice to know that my gift has been blessed. I'm not moving with that person, instead I'm going to a university this fall to get my bachelors in film techniques and technology. Screenwriting is a part of it, and I'll have a girl roommate like you suggested. It seems like my family has accepted my decision as well. Thanks again.

From Elizabeth - March 23, 2010

Thank you so much!!! It was also a great pleasure to speak with you today. I know God brought me to you today to seek answers and find the truth and I am so grateful to you for giving me such wonderful insight. I do believe that I have a special connection with Butch and that we may still have a chance to regain our love and relationship and maybe having this break was a blessing rather than a sadness because it enables both of us to really see what we have together. Sometimes we can take things for granted and never truly appreciate what we have so with this break I believe we may gain some better understanding for each other and come back together stronger and more loving and supportive but most especially appreciative for who we both are.

Thanks again for all your support and compassion and the beautiful prayer you said; I felt so much better! God Bless....Elizabeth 

From Yolanda - March 21, 2010

Thank you so much for sharing your gift to help me. I will definitely incorporate what you've told me into the resolution that I am seeking. I have a sense of direction now which takes allot off of my shoulders. I appreciate your prayers as I work towards bettering myself. Thank you!!!

From Kerin - March 16, 2010

Hey Billie

I just listened to your radio show.  Brilliant!!!  Well done to you and well done to your guests too.

The evidence that others said they'd received from you was outstanding.  Amazing!!!

The show flowed well - and it was interesting to listen to, for both non psychic practitioners and psychic practitioners alike.

I'm looking forward to hearing the next show.

Best wishes...


From Heidi - March 11, 2010

Hi Billie
I thought you might want to know that I solved the mystery of the violet.  If you recall, in one of the channeling sessions you did with my mother - you told me that my mom kept showing you violets.  At the time I thought it didn’t make sense.  Well, I was in stop-n-shop market and I noticed these big beautiful hydrangeas.  I went to get a closer look, went around the back of the table and there they were.  A whole display of violets - all different colors.  I was floored.  Couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I immediately realized my mom was right there with me.  Thanks Cherokee, you’re my hero.
Love, Heidi

From Helen - March 01, 2010

Billie - Many, many, many thanks.  I appreciate your time and compassion.  I appreciate your prayers on my behalf.  You made my evening!  You're the real deal and thanks so much for answering my questions.  I'm sure we are going to meet in person one day and I look forward to that. Here is my testimonial if you want to cut and paste it.

I have met four genuine psychics in my life.  Now I can add Billie to them and say I have met five. She began reading me immediately and her reading was quick and to the point, and incredibly accurate.  She knew things about my job that only a psychic could have known.  I only had a 15 minute reading.  Goodness knows what would have come up if we had half an hour.  Most of all, I enjoyed her spirit, which is filled with compassion and love.  How often do you meet a psychic who actually is loving?  While she was very positive, she did not sugar-coat anything just to please me.  She didn't ask me to explain anything to her.  She didn't overly pause.  She just read.  She did not waste my time and hem and haw.  All in all, she was right on the money and did a fantastic job.  In the future, I'd go back to her in a flash.  Great job, Billie!


From Raquel - February 15, 2010  

I want to share a very personal story with every one that follows this beautiful web site.

Before I ever had a psychic reading with this incredible woman, I always took from the wealth of knowledge within her website. It is truly amazing. Take the time to navigate all of the content! After speaking with her it has changed my life on many levels. Mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally-for those that haven't considered the power of prayer be open it is effective & profound!  My business has been blessed as a result. She is absolutely amazing.

From Heidi - February 14, 2010  

Just wanted to let everyone know that Cherokee Billie came up with such an unbelievable remedy for a very bad infection that I’ve had, she is a healer in every sense of the word. Her years of being a Naturopathic doctor really comes through to me.  I was telling her I wasn’t feeling very well with some shortness of breath and stuffy head from a severe cold.  She told me to rub vicks vapor rub on my chest and put a heating pad over it, take an anti-inflammatory and cough medicine. Even though I’m a nurse, I didn’t think of these things.  I did what she told me last night and I woke up this morning feeling like myself again.  i am so grateful to her for helping me.  She always has such great recommendations for so many ailments be it spiritual or physical. I always look forward to our conversations. 

From Melissa - February 10, 2010

You are truly a blessing to know and be connected with.
I felt so at peace and comfortable when speaking with you tonight. I agree with all that you have shared with me and will review the articles and apply them to my life.
I do think it was meant for you and I to connect.
I care for Cassius and will continue to pray for him. I know that he cares for me but as you mentioned he's very unhappy with his self which means he would not be fit for any serious, committed relationship at this time. I want him to be ready for me. being whole. I want my relationship with Cassius to be in God's order and time.
I welcome and appreciate your prayers. I'll keep you lifted in my prayers as well!
I'll be in touch with you.
Sending you hugs from Washington, DC....
May God Continue to Bless and Keep You

From Lene - February 02, 2002

Dear Cherokee Billie,

thank you for your advices during my reading yesterday. What you told me about using the White Light was new to me, but after having read your article on the subject and using the technique you explained to me, I felt it work! It happened faster than I thought! I also used the White Light when I felt over-stressed and needed to calm down, and it helped! Thank you so much!
Lene - Norway

From Heidi - January 30, 2010

I wanted to share an amazing story with all of you.  I have been taking spiritual classes with Cherokee Billie and she gave me instructions to help me communicate with my deceased mother.  My sister and I placed a candle on a table in a room that had no drafts.  We began to call my mom who passed away 3 months ago.  We asked her to make the candle flicker if she was with us.  At first nothing happened but we continued to call her.  All of a sudden, the candle began to flicker rather violently.  It was obvious that something had changed.  The more we talked with my mom the more the candle would flicker.  We kept asking question and getting responses every time through the candle flame.  It was so uplifting and unbelievable I know my mom was with us that night.  It was absolutely the most rewarding experience I have felt since my mother’s passing.

Once again I must share another amazing and wonderful channeling session I had with Cherokee Billie.  I asked her to channel a dear friend of my who passed away two days before.  She was young and just a very loving person.  As we got deeper into the channeling, Billie began to talk about apple pie.  We didn’t understand the significance at the time, but when I spoke with my deceased friends’ brother, he told me that was her most favorite pie.  To me that was her way of coming through and letting me know that she was there and communicating with Cherokee.  Thank you Cherokee, You are truly gifted and each time we are together something amazing happens. 

With love,

From Peter - January 22, 2010  

Thank you for the reading today with all my heart. YOUR READING WAS FANTASTIC.

Like your timing is wow. Even last night when you emailed me it was 3am I could not sleep. Today again when I thought of you- you emailed me.

Thank you for listening about Evagelia. I will let her go. My love and friendship was unconditional even if it was friendship. She never fully went into details about her emotional issues. She is not healing with all the reading and positive stuff she does. When she touched my heart in March 2008 i have thought about her night and day many times. Example when I cuddle Helena even if it’s for healing. I wanted to do that to Evangelina in person. I tried meditating for her to help heal her. I leave Evagelia in GODS hands.

I will begin visualizing the girl of my dreams. I will be patient.

 See I want to be the best person I can be again. I will make a start. As well as that I also like to help people. Example I have an auntie that has not died yet and I saved her from the doctors trying to murder her. She has Alzheimer’s disease. For some reason she has not passed. I want to be able to heal people in some way like that or understand them.

I want to help the ones that will listen. Example the ones told they have cancer and there is no hope. I believe they can be healed.

Thank you again and I look forward to our next session.

Peter - Melbourne Australia  

From Raquel - January 18, 2010  

Billie, I am very grateful for the beautiful readings that you did for my girlfriend my brother and I. Ever since we prayed together I have felt such a powerful difference in my home. It was almost instantaneous. I felt a healing took place. I know that I am surrounded by a sacred presence that I haven't felt in years. I want to express to everyone that you have touched my life in a multitude of ways. The connection you made with my mother gave my brother and I a sense of peace and closure we have longed for. I appreciate the work that you do for all of us by giving us important information via your articles and your blog. Your vast spiritual knowledge is a gift that has the ability to touch all of our lives in an amazing way.

Thank you with all of my heart,

From Sue - January 17, 2010

I prayed that my ex would return. I am thankful you were able to give me the insight I needed to move on.
BUT!! The great news is when you were praying for me to have guidance and success in my that very time one of my customers called and though had told me no, they had reconsidered and determined to go ahead with the purchase...on a Sunday no less.
I made $500.00 commission on the sale...
You my friend are a Prayer Warrior!!
Fondly, Sue

From Heidi - January 04, 2010

Just wanted to say to you Cherokee Billie what a wonderful reading I had with you yesterday. as always, you left me in awe with your accuracy when you channeled my mom. You told me she used to play jacks as a kid and I verified this with her sister yesterday and my oldest sister. I can’t thank you enough for the the healing you have helped me achieve after the passing of my mother a few months ago and the spiritual growth I’ve attained when speaking with you. Love you Cherokee and look forward to calling again and making another connection with my mom. HUGS, Heidi

From Heidi - December 27, 2009

Hi Cherokee.  We had the most wonderful Christmas.  I knew my mom was with us.  Guess what? I found the crystal bowl you first mentioned to me when you channeled my mother after her death.  I had a crystal punch bowl the whole time in my hutch.  I was trying to think of a vessel I could put my Christmas punch in and found this bowl.  I filled it with cold water and ran my finger around the rim and it sang just like you said. I knew this was the message from my mother you had spoken about.  You made my day as usual.  I want to make sure you had a good Christmas.  My family is more united than ever now.  Thank you Cherokee for the best Christmas present ever!

From Jody - December 04, 2009

Dear Cherokee Billie:

I am so glad I was guided to you!!  You have blessed my life as a teacher which is what I have been praying for for a few years... Your messages to me today have really helped me and are a light to my soul.

God Bless you with His Love and Light :)


P.S. I will be contacting you about the guided meditation -- I can't wait!!!!!!!

From Tricia - December 01, 2009

Dear Cherokee Billie,
Thank you for the kind words. Thank you for saying I am beautiful - I have been so depressed lately, that those words made me cry. Thank you for touching my heart and soul. I am so glad that I called you. I've had such a difficult time with this man I care about, and your words helped me know that my intuition about him was correct, that there is something special between us even if he is afraid of those feelings.

I am using the white light around me many times a day. I say the saying for him at the same time. I pray for him all day. I am cleaning out my whole life right now, throwing out everything that no longer serves me. It is a monumental task but I feel I need to let go of so much accumulated stuff from my past and from my own addictions of low self esteem and buying things to compensate for that.

Thank you especially for your prayers, I know they are powerful. I am asking you to please pray that the depression lifts (I am using the white light - it helps!), that I can see the good in life again, that I can be at peace with whatever happens between Michael and I in this lifetime, that he is guided in the white light to his highest path and purpose and health.

God Bless you for being a divine messenger and using your gifts to help temporarily lost souls like myself. 


From Anna - November 21, 2009

Dear Cherokee Billie, It is I who must thank you for such an experience that I cannot describe.  I am still trying to understand it, but I am beginning to realize that it is like death is the vehicle that moves your spirit into a different neighborhood, so to speak, but an infinite one.  Michael said that it is bigger than the universe, and I cannot even comprehend the universe.  I was a science teacher for many years and am still in awe when I look at our existence.  I did not know what to ask Michael because I almost decided to tell you that I had changed my mind; I began to get "cold feet."  I am so thankful that I didn't however.   He was very cordial and kind to answer my questions and to talk to me even though I am a total stranger.  I do appreciate and respect him so very much.  I know that he must have been very busy but stopped to talk with me.  If you speak with him again, please tell him thank you for me.

Also would you please apologize to him for me?  After we hung up and I was thinking about all that had just happened, it occurred to me how rude I had been to him in the beginning.  First, I don't remember introducing myself, and secondly, I should have addressed him as Mr. Jackson and then asked if I could call him Michael.  Please apologize for my rudeness, forwardness, and assumed familiarity.  I do love him as a brother in Christ just as I do you as a sister in Christ--an unconditional love which is what I believe because God loves us unconditionally.   I do feel very badly about my rudeness; I hope that he was not offended or put out with me.   He was very kind and patient and I do appreciate it very much.  I hope to speak with him again some time, but I will be better prepared.  I really didn't know what to expect.   If you get the chance to speak with him again, please pass along my apologies.

I too will be praying for understanding and thank you so much for your prayers.  Prayer is very important in my life; my mother taught me that at an early age.

I'm looking forward to our next visit.  Tonight was such a blessing.

Peace and love to you, Cherokee Billie,
Anna Harris

From Susan - November 16, 2009

I have thought and prayed about our reading today...I do feel blessed.
Though My mind is in a better frame, my heart is still tugging towards the hurt of my break up and end of realtionship with AL.
Since listening to your wise words......I realize that my hurt and sadness had taken over my entire life.....during the break-up I had also lost my I have become so stagnant...I will be far more diligent in my prayers
Please pray for my situation of releasing Al and allow me to grow in my spiritual path....I truley do not choose to be alone and know that I was made to be a mate with a caring loving man.
I also need help in finding employment that allows my financal obligations to be met and I can get ready to prepare for my retirement.
You were so fabulous today,,I will be telling my friends about you.

From Sasha - November 14, 2009

I had to think of you yesterday and about the things you've been teaching me through Spiritual channeling. What I used to call a coincidence in the past starts happening more and more in my life, the only difference is that now I know better and embrace these moments. Yesterday I was looking for something at a department store, they didn't have the prodct and I decided to go back out, a little voice told me to take the escallator one more level higher though. I wondered why I was doing that for at that level is the menswear, so I defenitaley didn't need to be there I thought. Yet I trusted my little voice. Once I was there I saw a blind man trying to find his way out, nobody helped, everybody was rushing by in their Fridaynight shopping. I couldn't believe everybody ignored him, I walked up to him and asked if I could help. He told me they had changed things in the store and he couldn't find the way out, to make a long story short , I helped him out of the store and back on the street from where he knew his way around he said. As I walked to the subway I realized why a little voice told me to go one level higher instead of going out and thanked God for giving me the chance to help someone. From now on I'll make sure to trust and listen to this voice. You always tell us to do that, to trust our intuition and to be sure of it there is no such thing as coincidence. I'm glad I met you through your website, I know that was no coincidence either, you have opened a whole new world for me, for before I did the channeling with you I would have ignored the voice and would have left the store.
Thank you :-)
Sasha - from Germany

From Anastasia - November 9, 2009 

Dear Cherokee Billie,

They say God does do miracles, but before I met you? I never believed this was true. Now I find my faith in God and I believe he does grant miracles because I've seen what he's done for me. He's lead me to you and I've made two wonderful friends whom I love so much because of him.  You've changed my life with your continued teachings.  I can only say thank you for the time you're investing to teach me.  My life was nothing before you and I don't remember what it was like then and I don't want to remember now.  Thank you for your neverending patience, lessons and love and support.  Without you, I don't know where I'd be, but it doesn't matter.  All I can say is thank you for all you've done and will continue to do for me.  I look forward to our next class together.  I can't hardly wait I'm so excited!  My life will be one where I will be in a position to help others and that's all thanks to you. For me, there is no better future. Thank you for showing me my destiny Billie.  I have a purpose in life and reason to live because of you.

Love always,

From Lone - November 01, 2009  

Dear Cherokee.

First of all I want to thank you for your reading. I feel your warm thoughts through it, and I really appreciate that you will pray for me.

I have to tell you that the treatments you suggest.  I feel good about them because I can feel synchronousity when you mention them. It really touch me that you could see my love for Sascha, because I know the best I can give her is love !!
Thanks again for your reading. It’s important for me to have some to connect to in my journey and searching and I’m sure that I will contact you again.

Many warm thoughts

  From Heidi - October 19, 2009

I wanted to share this very special reading i received from Ms. Billie regarding my mom who passed away a little over a week ago.

I asked Cherokee to channel my mom for me because i wanted to know if she was trying to communicate with me in some way and i just wasn’t able to connect.

What she told me left me so excited and elated that I had to share with you all.

Cherokee responded with a message from my mom that she really didn’t understand but it made perfect sense to me. She told me to fill a crystal bowl with water, dip my finger in the water and run it around the rim of the glass. When you do this, you will hear a high-pitched whistling sound. Every time you hear this sound she is with you.

This message made perfect sense to me. When i was a child, she used to collect crystal glasses. Her father also did and would do this trick with his children, as did my mother with all of us. i knew without a doubt that it was in fact my mom trying to let me know that she was with me.

I can’t express enough how comforting this is for me Cherokee. You are truly blessed and will be in my prayers eternally.

Hope this inspires you all.

Love and God’s blessings to you all, Heidi

From Anne - October 16, 2009
It was a real pleasure to be part of this experience with you today. I very much enjoyed talking with you and having this session where I was able to bring up my beloved Daniel and father in my quest for answers about their lives in the spirit world. I was content to be able to process some of my inquiries with you and your replies felt honest and knowing. You prove to be a very kind, caring, spiritual advisor who is more like a friend. Yes, I know that next time will be more amicable between us, it is just like any relationship as it evolves. I am happy for my beloved to know that I care and love them so much that I want to reach them through the veil. So today was a very special day for me. The cat is looking at me as if she knew that I was talking about her and my dislike of having her on my bed, cleaning herself there. As I was getting ready for work, she came in my room, climbed on my bed and watching me with a weird look :)
Please continue to take care of yourself.
Much blessings and love,

From Sajda - October 15, 2009

Dear Cherokee Billie,

Thank you so much for showing me the White Light Of God and for praying for me.I did as you suggested and sent the white light as a laser beam to my X and I did feel much better. When I did the same for his wife I felt my energy go down significantly. So I had to cleanse and protect myself again before I sent the white light again to her. I will keep doing this every day and keep you posted.

Warm regards,

From Anastasia -  October 11, 2009

Hey Billie,

I just wanted to say thank you again.  The time was deffinately well worth spent yesterday. You are incredible and I could not ask for a better teacher while I'm on this path.   I know God brought us together and I'm grateful everday.  Starting today, and for the rest of my life these exercises you have provided will become part of my daily routine.   I want to get the most out of this learning experience that I can. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and friend Billie. Your guidance and support is giving me the strength and determination to make this destiny happen.  Take care and talk to ya next week.


From Ana in Belgium - October 10, 2009

Dear Cherokee Billie,
I want to thank you for the channeling conversation with Michael last week. I'm going through a very hard time in my life lately and his answers gave me strength to move on and to see things from a different point of view, this made me feel more relaxed. It is so nice to experience what a sweet and wise spirit he is, I really feel understood by him, he feels like a brother to me.
I also want to thank you for all your good advice about my health. I have ordered the Rhodiola Rosea and Co EnzymeQ10, I haven't received it yet but I can't wait to start taking it so I can get my energy back. I will certainly let you know what the results are. It is wonderful to talk to you and get some advice about food and foodsuppliments. I am glad to know you and have great trust in you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart

From Katie - On Psychic Channeling and Spiritual Skills Training Course - October 01, 2009

My Dear Cherokee Billie –
Thank you so very much for a wonderful first session last night!  I had been looking forward to your class for the last several weeks and wondered what it would be like – both from a ‘content and conduct’ point of view.   Although I was open to whatever would come, I still found myself asking questions such as “Where will we start?” “How would doing the class over the phone work?” “What if I couldn’t ‘get’ it?” 
All of my concerns melted away as you began to take us through the first exercise on getting in touch with our chakras.  The pace of the discussion was perfect – and I dearly appreciated how you kept things simple and focused.   You tended to each of us as if we were guests sitting in your living room and because the class size was small, there was plenty of time for questions.  Your reassurances and your own stories on what you experienced as you learned these techniques, put us all at ease too.
Over the more than hour and a half that we spent together, we covered some fundamentals that I am certain will establish a good basis for the remainder of the class and our time together, but also for beyond it as well.  Already, I am actively practicing….and of course, now anxiously awaiting the next class.  Thank you once again.   

From Sarah - September 28, 2009

Ultimately, we are all in charge of our own healing...I found my reading with Cherokee Billie gently brought me to what I already knew but needed to accept...any good psychic who works on the spiritual level follows the client's lead in this way.
I had specific health issues and was left a concrete plan that will in no way detract from what I am currently doing. While we each identify with different spritual paths...we found a common bond in the resurgence of spirituality and it's need.
The favorite part of my reading was prayer..a very deep real prayer for help with my concerns..that gave me focus for continuing the prayers and actions (outlined in reading) that I can take...thumbs up for a good session.  S.

From Mary Ann - September 27, 2009   


You were very kind to me during our reading. Thank you. I was very sad and felt quite lowly of myself that day. I had begun Reflecting back on my life and it made me very depressed.

I have been taking Zoloft for 2 or 3 years and stopped early this year. I do not want to take it anymore and you recommended Rhodilia Rosea and CoQ10. I must say I feel better on it than I did while on Zoloft. Zoloft made me energy less. On the Rhodilia Rosea and CoQ10 I have much more energy and I feel more alive.

I will call you again soon. I am not quite ready because there are a few more things I need to do that you and I discussed in our last reading. My next call to you will be an update. I have a day job as a benefits consultant but I am available as a Realtor on weekends or evenings. I pray that I can make a good living as a Realtor. I am very lonely and I must admit that I am very shy meeting men. I am so busy with the day job and getting the real estate jump started, I find I do not have time for a man and find solace in being free. But, I am still sad that I am single and never experienced a "great love".  For the real estate, I just started my twitter page and face book. I am currently working on getting my web site up for the real estate.

Mary Ann

From Saba in England - September 26, 2009

I would like to give all my thanks to you Cherokee for such an amazing Reading Yesterday evening. I would like to Thank Michael Jackson to for giving his valuable time to communicate with me through you. I felt so much comfort and a connection with both of you it was like we were all consoling each other as we all have suffered troubled times in our lives some more than others! I felt i got that step closer to Michael as we were sharing and consoling like friends do! I hope he felt the same. But it was a truly beautiful experience and Cherokee you are not alone you have a friend for life and that’s me. Even if I don't get the opportunity to personally meet you i will continue to email and call you to know how you are. Please tell Michael as soon I receive the Ticket for his "This is it" concert which was supposed to take place at the London O2 Arena this year July 2009. I will personally give it and donate it to a suffering Child at The Great Ormands Street Hospital in London. This will not only be a contribution to Michael Jackson but this will represent his continuous and Unconditional love for the unfortunate and suffering children. As a Michael Jackson friend and fan I will do my bit to keep his work for children alive it may not be that much but I will try my best. I love you Michael Thank you so much for haring with me and consoling me and hope fully If God thinks I’m worthy or deserving then as per Allah's will I very much look forward to meet you in the spirit world when it is my time. Hope fully I will enter the spirit world as a good spirit, Allah (God willing). 
Cherokee, May Allah Bless you and give you strength always.
Blessings Always,
Saba Ali

From Ana in Germany - September 25, 2009

Dear Cherokee Billie,
After two channeling conversations with you I already feel a change in my life. Not only did the conversation with the spirit of Michael and with my personal guiding spirit help me to see things in a different way, also your personal advise has given me a push in the right direction.
First of all I did believe in God, but couldn't understand what life after death was like. All I learnt about was heaven and hell and for most things in life as a catholic you'd go straight to hell. So death frightened me. God was like a strict angry man to me. Believing was based on fear.
Michael's passing had me in a grip of sadness, eventhough I wasn't a fan, I couldn't figure out why this affected me so much. Then I read his messages on your blog and decided to call you to find out if it would be possible to ask him a few questions. His answers were so comforting to me I started feeling more relaxed and I know I needed this conversation with him as a first move to a healing process of other things in my life.

My parents are old and sick, so the fact that they might die soon frightened me, actually paralized me. You explained to me what spiritual life is like and that God is love and forgiveness. But I still feel like I should be able to do more now to help them, with a fulltime job and no sibblings this is hard to do though, a day in 24 hours. It was so kind of you to suggest to visit a professional therapist to help me with this. I was so caught up in my emotions and all my work I didn't even think of that myself. By now I talked to one and got a lot of good of advice, I know now that my feelings and emotions are normal but that talking to someone really helps.
I started praying again but in a different way, this time it is more like talking, talking to a friend, to a loving and forgiving God. It makes me feel a lot better, and I want to thank you for opening up my eyes. Glad I got in touch with you.
With love,

From Donna - September 20, 2009

Hi Cherokee Billie, I would like to submit the following as a testimonial:

Thank you so much for all your help, guidance and faith. As you know, I have been struggling with trying to understand a love relationship for 1 1/2 years. I have had talked with many other psychics, who have mostly told me that he did love me, but couldn't explain why he wasn't moving forward, which was comforting only to a degree. After contacting you less than a month ago, you not only helped clarify the reasons why he acts the way he does, which give me great comfort and after lighting a candle for his enlightenment, had the breakthrough you predicted, in less than a week!  I can't thank you enough for restoring my faith in prayer and for your honest guidance that you given me.

Your services are truly a gift from God and I will gladly spread the word to all who will listen.

Sincerely, Donna

From Katrina - September 19, 2009

Hi Cherokee Billie,

Thank you for listening to me and sharing your valuable insight. I truly do appreciate it. After we spoke I felt suddenly uplifted and energized, and more sure of my decision to move past my relationship than ever before. I also really appreciated the newsletters you sent. I connected with both of them, the White Light one and the 6 Signs, so thank you again. I will certainly be calling you in the future.
Take care,

From Edina - September 13, 2009

Cherokee Billie is such a sweet, straight forward lady and a gentle person with a great heart. She has qualities that Provided me with self help. I appreciate everything she does. I can tell that her reading was Spot on!  Bless you, Billie.  

From Bettina - September 07, 2009

dear Cherokee Billie:

I Requested you do an e-mail reading and contact my deceased grandfather.  I'm so happy with the message you received from him. 

I'm so glad you liked him. He always liked to charm everyone; even the nurses in the hospital liked him very much.

He is also very much remembered by everyone that ever met him.

Even my girlfriends, when I was little, liked to call him "grandpa". Everyone knew where my grandfather was soon after you would see me or the other way around we did so many things together...

I know I am truly a very lucky person to have known such love. Some people search a lifetime and never find it.

I must admit that also I am very lucky with my husband because I know he is my "twin soul" (don't know exactly if it is the right translation but it means on soul family level a step up from being soul mates?)

I am so grateful that I now know how to listen more carefully in the future.

Dear Cherokee Billie, I have a feeling that this isn't going to be a one off, I think even if I learn to listen better, I really would like to ask you ones in a while to do a reading.

Thank you again so much and I hope you indeed enjoyed it also, because like a said he was a very remarkable person and he would always be very kind to other people. He always told me that being kind doesn't cost you anything but you receive so much from it. He is very right.

If you want you can post this on your website because a can truly say (that even in English ;-) ) you captured the spirit of my grandfather very well. (or let me know if you want me to write anything else!)

Many thanks and bless you for helping all of us this way.

Lots of love,
Bettina  - Belgium

From Milna - September 03, 2009

Dear Cherokee,

Thank you so much for the very informative conversation that we had. I found it very interesting to hear what you picked up on. It is amazing how the spirit connection works. It has finally given me an insight to the cause of my problem.

I will definitely continue to work with the affirmations you gave and using the White Light. And not only that, I am starting to read more and more about spirituality as I find it very fascinating!

I will keep in touch and shall continue to follow your blog!

Warm regards,

Milna - France

From Stella - September 01, 2009

Dear Cherokee,
Talking to you this evening has brought me such a relief. you cannot imagine what I have been going through.  My mind was constantly abuzz with questions.  I feel more calm and composed and I think I can handle the challenges that life brings.  The pain in my heart  is no more.  It would intesify once I listen to Michaels songs - but now it brings a sense of comfort and peace.
Thank you for all the good work and I look forward to many more sessions with you.
Send my love to Michael, contrary to my earlier beliefts, tell him his passing is now more of an inspiration than a loss. 
Keep up the good work.


From Cheryl - August 30, 2009

Cherokee Billie: I just wanted to thank you for the reading today. You confirmed what I felt inside.

I feel Michael Jackson in my heart and soul. I feel blessed that he feels he can continue getting his message out through me and music.
I have made a promise to Michael and God that a huge portion of any money from the songs will go to his charities, as this is his work, without him I would not be doing it and could not do it without him. He is the one guiding me.

I understand how Michael felt with his drug use and the insomnia. I have had 3 shoulder surgeries since 2005 and have been on pain killers since then, Percocet, Oxycontin, tylenol 3, lyrica and cesamet. I never did understand how people could get addicted to medications and always vowed that I would never be as I was always a health nut. Well I am the first to admit that I am addicted and I am amazed at how easy one can get addicted. The doctors say I must just keep taking them, as I have constant nerve pain due to nerve damage.It is a viscious circle as the pain meds cause insomnia (I get 2 - 4 hours sleep a night). I know how tired and desperate you get when this continues night after night. Michael's death has opened my eyes as to where I will be heading if I do not find a natural replacement for these medications (as I am only 44, how long could I continue to take them). For this I am thankful to Michael, and as I told you i am working on this. It is not easy but I know with help from above I will succeed.

Once again Cherokee Billie I must thank you for confirming what deep down I felt I have to do. I will keep you posted on the progress.
God Bless and take care

From Susan in New Zealand - August 26, 2009

Hi Cherokee

Thank you for this opportunity to talk to you today. I am happy to know my brother is happy and that he is working with the Angels now! I phoned my Mum straight after our chat to tell her. She was delighted to hear this and I'm sure she would love to speak with you sometime and talk more with her beloved son. I'm glad he is around them :-)
Thank you also for telling me more about my Spirit Guide Vinny!! :-)
Thank you for your prayers for me and telling me you see me working with Crystals. I certainly WILL look into this more deeply. Sounds exciting.
I'm glad I found your website and blog and I look forward to reading all
your articles on your website and continuing following your blog. It's been

From Lena - August 22, 2009  

I have done my homework on trying to find the right psychic advisor and let me tell you Cherokee Billie will not waste your time. She is to the point and will give you the truth. In times that I needed someone to hold my hand, she was there for me. Thank you for being you!!  If truth is what you are searching for this is your lady. Thank you for helping me in my tough times!!! xoxoxoxo    

From Dee - August 16, 2009  
Thank you very much Cherokee:
I’m really am glad we spoke; you helped shed some light on things I can do with my life. I really appreciate it.
I hope to continue with my automatic writing. And I'm glad to know that Michael will still be coming to me as a spiritual guide, and that I will be able to help pass on his messages.
Thank you for getting in contact spiritually with my grandpa who has passed on, my mom cried when I told her the messages you received from him. She told me she always felt that it was him around her.
I thank you for praying for me, and I will pray for you.

From Emily - August 15, 2009  
Dear Cherokee Billie,
Thank you again for your help today, I feel re-invigorated once again to deal pro-actively with things! You have given me a vision and directions to follow.  I know that I can turn around my life thanks to your help.  I’m so glad that we have connected. 
Warm regards,

From Suzy - August 04, 2009  
Dear Ms. Cherokee Billie,
Thank you very much for your e-mail message.  I enjoyed speaking to you on the phone.  I was very excited and happy when you channeled Michael Jackson's spirit.  It was an indescribable experience to me.  Thank you for giving me a chance to speak to him.  It was a wonderful experience. Have a good day. Love Suzy

From Tracey  - August 01, 2009

Dear Billie,

Thanks for the good advice. I needed to talk to someone objective and I feel more settled and optimistic about the prospect of selling the skincare products. It does seem like a good opportunity and a natural fit for supplementing my income without giving up the yoga teaching. I also wrote out what I desire in a man and read it out loud and put it under my pillow and remembered to thank God for the man. How's that for following directions? The problem, of course, is that I still imagine this unavailable person, only nicer! There is always that one last thing that I just can't let go of! Guess that's why I'm still here. Oh well.

Thank you for continuing to pray and meditate on my situation. I appreciate you.

All the best,Tracey

From Sonya - July 31, 2009

Hello Cherokee.

Since the passing of Michael Jackson I have had a very hard time. Although I did not recently keep up with him I did, however, grow up with him. I never believed the things they said about him nor was I ever interested in the negative. I only wish I could have known Michael the loving, caring person not the icon. Since his death I have felt just horrible. I am having a hard time letting go. I think about him all the time and talk to him in hopes that he can hear me. I feel that I cannot truly let go until I know that he is really at peace and happy for the first time in his life. I would love the opportunity to speak with him and just feel his presence. All I ask is that he send me a personal message that only I would understand so that I truly know it is him.

I truly admire and respect you for what you do to help people. I am a true believer and know from personal experience that this is real. I know there are many who doubt your gift but not me Cherokee. I truly respect you. You have been blessed.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Much respect and gratitude,
Sonya Taylor

From Pamela - July 24, 2009


Dear Cherokee Billie: There are not enough words to express how I feel about your help over the last four months.  I was facing felony charges for child abuse and you knew that it wasn’t true.  It did not look good for me when you did your first reading, but you promised that you would pray every day.  As time progressed you saw that I would not get convicted and I would be found not guilty.  Well, last week was the trial and as you had seen I was found not guilty.  I can’t thank you enough for emotionally supporting me and your prayer support.  God bless you, Pamela

From Saba - July 18, 2009

Hi Cherokee!
How are you! It was a great experience to have had comunication from Michael Jackson  through you.  I can't believe it happened! I was amazed at how you were able to channel the spirit of Michael Jackson and how he answered every one of my questions. At the end of the day i'm not an important person in his life or a deserving fan! I'm just still existing being on this planet who has so much affection and love for him! I wish God could permit him to be my friend i Really wish he was my friend. I wish i could embrace him and cry with him and tell him its ok! But thanks to you I was able to tell him how I feel.  
I just feel so much sorrow for him he has suffered Immensely! It makes me cry! It really does. I just Wish to the Almighty i could embrace him. thank you for everything. Saba   United Kingdom

From Angie - July 07, 2009

I called in to your radio program on Saturday because I have been very depressed after my husband passed away recently.  I felt like I wasn’t there for him emotionally, because I was tired of taking care of him for so long as his illness lasted many years.  I’ve noticed a lot of lights going on and electrical things happening around my house.  Thanks to you I now understand that that is him communicating with the as he is in spirit and is electricity.  You really lifted my heart letting me know that he is not angry with me.  I really can’t say enough for how much you have helped me.  God bless you, Angie

From Jenny - June 30, 2009
Hello Cherokee Billie,
 I read your article and it is very inspirational especially talking about how you have come a long way. I am so happy that you are on the radio weekly. I just love readings from u cause you are so gifted and everything u say it is right on the money. Thank you for being there for me.

From Jessie - June 16, 2009  

I've been searching for one ethical and affordable psychic. I've tried dozens of psychics. After listening to your voice on YouTube and seeing your name in past searches- I was attracted to checking out your website, only to my surprise that you are indeed affordable.  I was extremely impressed with your reading and look forward to talking to you again.  You make it easy to understand what’s going on and affordable for me to call again. 

Thank you,

From Claudette - June 11, 2009


Hello Cherokee....Your soul is gentle, peaceful and balanced. And yet your directness projects an accuracy making the reading "spot on". I thank you so much for the valuable information that I wasn't able to "see" for myself. You are an angel and a valuable asset needed at this time in the history of the universe. Talk to you soon!

From Alexandra - June 09, 2009

Dear Billie,
From the deepest of my heart, I am so grateful and thankful for your genuine loving care and prayer. I really appreciate your prayer, and I will try my best to work on forgiveness, because I know, if I do not do that, it will do harm to myself.

Lots of love,

From Eunice - June 01, 2009

Billie, You are my angel in disguise. i have went to many counselors, psychologists, and called physics in desperation over the last twelve years, since my husband passed away, but you are the only one that has helped me, i don't know what i would've done without your help, i appreciate you so much! you are my rock right now.
Love you, Eunice

From James - May 20, 2009

Good Day Cherokee Billie..
This is just a small note to say thank you for all your help.  As you know I have been calling you since early January 2009. We talked alot about my situation. (then pending now completed divorce)  I really appreciate all your advice and diplomacy that you have shown in being honest yet sensitive to my feelings regarding the truth about my situation.  The tough Love helped loads too.  It wasn't always as comfortable as I would have liked it to be but what in life is?  It was extremely necessary and directed me to make some hard decision to protect myself that I more than likely otherwise wouldn't have done. You have helped me more than I have said or shown.  This started as a business relationship..however after talking with you for the time that I have, you calling to follow up and check on me to insure I was ok really meant alot.  At the tail end..It is now personal.  I feel that I have made a friend and for that I am extremely thankful.  Please know that you have a friend in me as well.
May God continue to bless you Billie...  James

From Carmen - May 16, 2009


Dear Cherokee Billie
Yesterday afternoon, I have been thinking "wouldn't it be nice to get an e-mail from the spirit world with a significant message". In the afternoon I received this message in an e-mail, “Start new life.” I tried to reply and the message was undeliverable because this e-mail address does not exist.

I contacted you to ask the spirit guides if this message was just a bizarre coincidence (spam) or if it was indeed sent by a higher force?

You answered that it was indeed spirit trying desperately to get through to me to start a new life.  For the last six months you have been telling me in our psychic readings that I was to start a new life.  Now I believe what you were telling me.  This was just remarkable.  You definitely hear from spirit. I’m so glad you are part of my life.

Thank you for all of your help, Carmen

From Karen - May 04, 2009

Hi CB! Thank you for your guidance thru the readings you have given me - you have given me hope!

From Rebbekah - April 23, 2009


Thank you for a great reading I am feeling really good right now because of it. The clarity etc. you gave me today helps me keep moving forward in my intentions - thank you.


Rebbekah Lynn White

From Jane - April 12, 2009   

I had just started a new job and was eager to check out with whatever how that was going to play out.  The female reader, a witch, said it was a no-go.  Very soon I would be opening my own communications boutique specializing in ghostwriting books.  That's what happened.  Did I make it happen or allow it to happen?  I don't bother with causality issues.  I want inner tranquility as well as a few wise words to hang onto.

Getting in touch with Cherokee Billie, a clairvoyant was what was new.  I had done the usual stuff to get on the other side of my 80/20 Pareto decision [80 percent of our troubles come for 20 percent of our clients so get rid of that 20 percent].  That included Godiva chocolate, a long drive, and calling two plain-vanilla psychics.  I remained a mess.

On the first page of Google, I found Cherokee Billie's website.  It said $1.50 a minute.  I figured that was a bait and switch.  But I was uncomfortable enough to check it out. It wasn't a bait and switch.  I booked 30 minutes and wound up consulting with this clairvoyant for lots longer.

What were the outcomes?  Here are the major ones:

  • The problem was defined as fear.  With a diagnosis, I could apply the treatment.  After all, I have almost 30 years of 12-step programs and a decade of Buddhism under my belt.  The fastest route to driving away fear is to surrender to the feeling and ask some greater power for help with it.
  • The wisdom not to add to the transition with piling on more change.  I put other plans such as considering a relocation to another state on-hold.
  • The ball was in my court to develop new business.  Only I could do it.  I did do it.
  • Irrelevant was the weighty matter how the client would fare without my brilliant assistance.  What was relevant was how I was going to keep making a buck.

A good reading does the trick, at least for a while.  I won't be contacting Cherokee Billie for a while.  But those who want to try it, she can be reached at 866-563-3997  The service takes credit cards and Paypal.

Jane Genova

From Maggie -  April 08, 2009

Hi Billie,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your newsletter, “Magical Music Tour.” The Beatles were the first band I TRULY loved (and still do). Their music has inspired me, comforted me, and has brought me more joy than anything. Thanks again.

Maggie Frederick

From Jennifer - April 05, 2009

Thank you for the wonderful card. It really brightened up my day. It made me smile and it gave me a peace within. Thanks so much for listening to me and being available to counsel and advise me. There are no words that can express how I am grateful and thankful to have you in my life. Thanks Cherokee Billie.

From George - April 04, 2009

Honey thanks for all you have done, Your voice is in me and the guidance of your voice is leading me in a good direction...I like talking to you, I mean not just asking for your advice, I mean just talking about things in life and your support and yes your a funny person you made me laugh Saturday. Hey I can always call just to whisper sweet nothings in your ear, Just kidding trying to start my day off good...for some reason today I feel good about myself and knowing things will get better for me, I can feel it......


From Mark - March 25, 2009  

I just wanted to say there is something about you and I really can't explain what attracts me to you, I mean not in a negative way.  I mean you have a huge heart and God has given you a great gift, For some reason your like my professional guide that God keeps telling me talk to Cherokee Billie she will lead and guide you in the right direction.

I really don't know maybe this sounds stupid because I never met anyone like this before, You're a great friend and I wanted to wish you all the success in life, I know from the bottom of my heart God has plans for me and listening to your wisdom - its almost like when you talk to me it's like God or the Great Spirit talking to me, maybe it’s your voice, I really don't know.

But anyways I’m thankful your part of my life! 

From Mark - March 17, 2009
Thank you so much, I do feel better after our talk, and your an awesome person, God Bless you for all your work and I think your a good person and now a friend of mine, I will pray ever day for my goals and pray to find another engineering job soon so that I can move on with my life an become a better person.
God Bless
Mark from Michigan

From Lisa - March 16, 2009

Thank you so very much for taking the time to calm my fears and nerves. As I said on the phone, I already feel like I know you and that makes speaking with you very easy. Thanks again and you will be hearing from me and yes I will try and work on my patience factor in the mean time. Smiles... Lisa

From Julie - March 14, 2009

Thanks Cherokee!  My nerves were totally frayed when I called you.  Having just broken up with my boyfriend I felt like I didn’t know which direction to turn.  You were able to describe my boyfriend to a T and once you did I started seeing him as he truly is. I don’t know why I wasted so much time with him.  Thank you for letting me know how to move forward in my life.  I have such a calm and peaceful feeling after speaking with you.  God bless you, Julie

From Kerin - February 18, 2009
In my experience I have found that Cherokee Billie possesses outstanding communication skills, a keen mind, dedication to her work, strength of character and exceptional levels of creativity. What's more she knows how to inspire others to get the best out of themselves... and she has a knack for enabling people to look at life from different angles, to notice the 'obvious' solution even when it isn't so obvious! In my opinion Cherokee Billie is gifted spiritually and this facet of her character I believe is what makes her so successful in all the other areas. As regards her psychic gift: I can confirm that she told me something personal about myself which another psychic, living half a world away from Cherokee Billie had also commented on to me almost a year before, which Cherokee could not have known about, other than by extraordinary means. In fact, as it turned out, Cherokee's comments actually validated for me those I'd received the year before by the other psychic. All in all Cherokee Billie is a talented woman - and an inspiring role model for others to emulate.


Kerin Webb, MA, D.Hyp, Bournemouth, England. 

From Debbie - February 15, 2009

Dear Cherokee Billie:
I just wanted to get back to you and let you know how my son David’s court hearing turned out.  You were correct on all counts!    He got 3 years probation and the little time he was in jail during his arrest was all the jail time he served.  As parents who love him dearly and know his heart, we had hoped that the charges would be dropped, so it is still difficult for us and him.  But considering what the outcome could have been, we are grateful that he will not have a permanent record once the probation is over.  

Like I said, it could have been so much worse and I am grateful to you for your insights into this legal matter and that helped me have a calmer spirit about the whole thing.

Anyway, thanks again for your insights and help and I look forward to talking with you again soon.

Love and Blessings,

From Gracie - February 14, 2009
I wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me last week.  I called because I was suspicious of my husband’s activities.  You confirmed what I believed which was that he has another woman.  You told me where I could find him and you were right on.  I caught him dead to rights with the other woman.  Now I know that I can move on and get my life together.  I will be calling you again soon to help me decide where I’m going to move. 

From Emily - January 31, 2009  

Cherokee Billie I wanted you to know that your prediction of me getting a loan for my business was accurate, down to the week. I received a call on Friday telling me that the loan for my business was approved.  I know you prayed a lot to help this manifest, because I had been turned down many times before.  Thank you for your help, Emily

From Jennifer - January 16, 2009

Dear Cherokee Billie:

I’m so glad I found you on the internet today.  I needed to know how to protect myself from evil Spiritual attacks.  You gave me such a wealth of tools to use that are practical and very much of God.  Already I’m starting to feel more positive energy around me.  I have been at my wit’s end and not knowing where to turn for help on spiritual attacks.  I’m thankful for all of your wisdom and advice.  I know that my life is going to turn around for the better.  Thank you, Jennifer

From Laura - January 02, 2009

When i first called Billie i was quite skeptical and didn't know what to expect, since it was my first reading ever. But only after few minutes of talking, she knew exactly what is going on with me, and her insight really blew me out. She told me exactly what was the cause of my depression and what to do to pull myself out of it, and everything she told me was true. I would never guess it by myself; and her advice really helped me see it.

I have a great feeling of coming back to life and being relieved from a great burden after talking with her; and i can't never thank her enough for that. I don't know how she do that, but i believe her gift is amazing, and i am the lucky one for meeting her. She also gave me some valuable insights about my business that opened my eyes. As far as i am concerned, Billie is a true blessing for us, and the greatest favor you can do for yourself is to talk with her and listen to her advices. You will be happy you did it! Laura

From Lori - December 29, 2008 

Cherokee Billie has wonderful spiritual gifts from Source. She will be very helpful to you in your journey to Divinity. I wish her good luck and many blessings. May her angels always be close to her and point the path for her spiritual journey. Love, Lori

From Claire - December 27, 2008

Dear Cherokee Billie:

I want to thank you for all the help you have given me this past year.  It has been a very trying time with losing my job and my home.  You have given me hope and also pointed the direction that I should go in to improve my life.  I have been following your suggestions and I have received a job offer!  Life is definitely looking up and I anticipate a much better New Year.  God bless you for all that you do. 

Your friend, Claire

From Eunice - December 08, 2008 
Billie, i loved your newsletter on how a psychic reading can help you, i like the logic in it and not fairy tale stuff that never happens anyway. your reading last night helped me, i feel left out today and lonely, but i am dealing with it, and i know i am going to get better, i mostly feel left out with my sister, but i am dealing with that also. i appreciate all your help when i so desperately need it. you mean a lot to me, i see you as my friend with the added advantage of being physic. my son just called me and he is looking forward for me to come up to be with at christmas and he wants me to take care of myself too so i can enjoy my time with him and his wife. i hope you had a good time with your friend.
always your friend, Eunice

From William - December 06, 2008  

I have known Cherokee Billie for several years.  I have my own business as a pension planner and I have sought her advice numerous times over business matters.  She gets right to the point and so far all of her predictions have come true.  Give her a try.  William

From Lilly - November 30, 2008

I first contacted Cherokee Billie because I was having a war with a neighbor and it was causing total chaos in my neighborhood.  She was able to accurately describe the situation and the neighbor.  I really thought she was full of it when she told me that I needed to start sending The White Light to this neighbor and seeing him moving on in the White Light.  I continued to speak with her over the next eight months and begrudgingly I would use the White Light.  I really didn’t think it would work.  Bingo!  The miracle occurred.  I was given a job three states away and am moving away from this situation.  Even though I didn’t believe what she was telling me time has proven that she was correct in using God’s White Light because you don’t know what will be created for you.  I am really thankful that she is a part of my life and has been so helpful and understanding.  Thank you Cherokee Billie. With gratitude Lilly

From Chantel - November 05, 2008  

Let me tell you I am blown away by this lady.  I have had psychic readings where I’ve paid up to $15.00 per minute and I got a lot less information and had to stay on the telephone a long time.  Cherokee Billie is fast, I found her extremely accurate, and amazed at how little she charges for such quality work. I look forward to speaking with her on a regular basis because I’m going through a very difficult divorce right now.  She was able to tell me exactly what strategy my husband and his attorney are planning to use against me.  She only asked me a few questions and from there she was able to tune in and tell me exactly what was going on.  I highly recommend this wonderful psychic. 

 From Eunice - October 12, 2008

Cherokee Billie you have helped me so much, I used to have this deep depression and hopelessness , like it was even hard to live, but with your help I have hope again, and even though I feel very sad sometimes, it's not so awful like the depression, I now know that it is going to get better, like you said I needed a roadmap for life, and someone that truly understand me and what for me to do, I will get the massage, I can see now that I keep putting myself backwards with just going to the chiropractor, oh my I sure can get stuck sometimes. I thank God that you came into my life, I truly appreciate you, and i will keep sending the God white light to you.     Blessings, Eunice

From Edna - October 11, 2008  

Billie, I raised to believe things happen for a reason and today I was searching the internet for guidance and prayers.  I am glad I found you, I guess another bond is the Native American, it is sweet seeing you are also Irish, I am half Japanese, both have a great mix.  I will definitely be contacting you.  Yes it is hard to trust someone that lies but it sure would help if he would stop the lying and be honest.  I will talking to you soon have a wonderful weekend, again thank you. 

From Mashrufa - October 07,2008

Dear Cherokee,
Thank you so much for all your appreciation and taking out the time to listen to me and help me out with my problems. Believe me, I feel much better and so very positive about life once again.
I was very down with a few negative thoughts going through my mind, especially about my relationship status all these days for the last few days and am glad that I made the effort to call you up and discuss everything right away.
I feel that my relationship and Imran plays a very important role in my life and everything comes in later. And I just can let it go / see it getting messed. Touchwood, I hope and pray that all will go fine by the grace of God in the coming near future. Thank you for being such a great support. I look forward to talk to you soon again.  
Thank you once again for the Newsletter and your lecture update. Talk to you soon.
Warm Rgds,
Mashrufa    Hong Kong

From Margaret - September 25, 2008

thanks cherokee billie for your time the other night Really needed some one to talk to. you really helped me thank you so much and may god bless you in every way
margaret bass

From Lila - September 17, 2008

Cherokee Billie has been Psychically advising me for around 4 months now!  I have had the time to see many of her predictions come true for me in my life!  Not only has she givin me amazingly accurate Psychic readings time and time again, she has taken the time to give me great advice in many different areas of my life due to her own experiences and knowledge!  Billie is extremely truthful, patient :) and kind!  Thank you so much Cherokee Billie for all of your amazing gifts that I had the good fortune to experience.. Lila 

From Lena - September 15, 2008

I have done my homework on trying to find the right advisor and let me tell you Cherokee will not waste your time. She is to the point and will give you the truth. In times that I needed someone to hold my hand, she was there for me. Thank you for being you!!

From Jacey  -  August 30, 2008

My life has not been the same since we did the guided meditation together.  I have never had such an experience where I was personally taken into the spirit world and able to see and communicate on the other side.  I no longer feel the stress that has plagued me for years.  I now know beyond a doubt that there is a Higher Power taking care of me.  God bless you Cherokee Billie for your fantastic work. 

From Claudine - August 17, 2008

Hello Billie,
I did find your website on the internet after extensive research today. I appreciate the reading you provided, which was very logical with that is taking place in my life at the moment. I thank you for wanting to keep me in your prayers and will pray also that all works well with this relationship also, because it is my belief that Derek is a good man :-). May God continue to bless you for the generous use of your gift. I have bookmarked your page in order to contact you again in the future.
Take good care,

From Donna  - 08/07/2008

Thank you so much.  The affirmations were wonderful~ I needed that journey last night! Your Guided meditation took me to a level I have never reached before. I will be able to recall that to help me on my new path. Bless you for all the wonderful work you do. Thank you also for the beautiful candle you  sent me...Have a blessed day..Until next time...Blessings, Donna 

From Susan - 08/05/2008

I love Billie and love talking to her. She has helped me through many struggles, in paticular, the loss of my son. She and I connected through Trey and my love for him. She was able to show me how my son is still with me and always will be. I love Billie for this and still continue to call her, especially in times of stress. She is helping me see my purpose and gives me direction in all I do. I love you Billie. Please keep helping people as you have helped me 

07/11/2008 Marsha  excellent  I always get such increditable hope and feel so calm after speaking with Billie she is just wonderful. I have finally relized I don't need all those sites that all say the exact samething when I have Billie who tells you real things that you want to know. and she really cares to ffer such a wonderful rate you know she is for you. I can't say enough except I am so glad she came into my life God works in funny ways. m hurley

07/01/2008 Janine  excellent  I find myself at a loss for words quite often lately.  This is something I am not accustomed to.  Please allow me a moment to try and express my gratitude. 

I know that I am going through a huge healing and learning process right now.  Knowing that there is a genuine, caring and guiding soul out there, You, sending healing and wishes of goodness and prosperity is truly a blessing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.

In Light...

07/01/2008  Marsha  Excellent  I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have found you. You are a sincere honest person that uplifts my spirits so much. Knowing I don't have to guess anymore on those sites if I am getting an honest answer or they are just trying to take my money. I am so grateful to have found you and know I can believe in what you tell me.
thank you from the bottom of my heart,

06/28/2008 Marsha  Excellent  Thank you so much for the information you send in your news letters. Questions have been answered in two newsletters that I have been waiting for for a very long time you are a wonderful special person thank you. Marsha

06/21/2008  Janey  Excellent   Billie is once again, amazing. She gave me a reading a month ago when I got laid off that I would have a job either in 4 days or 4 weeks. Both were right. I had one offer at 4 days, an even better one at 4 weeks. She is one of the best readers I have ever experienced.

6/11/2008 Marsha  Excellent  She is very good and tells it like she sees it. she is very warm to talk to and calming. We will see if what she has told me will come to pass as I know it will because other things she has told me already have form my reading before.

06/09/2008  Mary Excellent   I couldn't believe  how "truthful" you're reading was. Honestly Billie I was  amazed.  you told me exactly what people thought of me especially my children without me telling you anything about them. 

I am going to TRY my best  to quit smoking tomorrow....I need to.  Although I may not like "Mary" (me)  too  much these days, I don't want to die.  You called those dates the  same  as did my pulmonary therapist!!!  I'm allowing myself  ciggies today and  that's IT!!!  I told you tomorrow they go up  to $8.00 a pack and being on  SSI, LOL even if I wanted to smoke,  thank God (he does work in strange ways) I  can't spend that, no  way.

You are a pleasure to talk to and I don't know a lot of  people  but WILL
recommend you to anyone who wants a psychic  reading.   I'm grateful to find a psychic so accurate who charges so little!  You really have a kind heart to those who are in need.  I can't say enough about you.  God bless you, Mary   

06/06/2008 Jenny  Excellent   Billie is a remarkable, gifted teacher who listens with compassion and truly cares about her clients. I'm going through some very difficult "rebirth into a new life" labor pains and I feel blessed that Billie is available to help me through this process. Thank you.

06/05/2008 ANN  Excellent  Enjoyed speaking with you. I will be calling back. I look forward to your words and wisdom that happiness is around the corner. Thank you.

06/01/2008 Rick  Excellent  Talking with Billie is an eye opener. She gives me information that I can see unfold as the days move on. I will continue to call and listen to what she has to say.

 05/30/2008 AuroraFive Stars Review 

I would STRONGLY suggest calling Cherokee Billie. She is the true article. I had specific questions about certain situations involving my late husband. She was able to channel his spirit and I know that I know it INDEED was Rick. She was also able to channel my grandmother in. And again, It was definitely my grandmother. I was able to communion with both of them and handle unfinished business. I was able to receive answers and found out that my deceased husband and grandmother are always around me making contact and watching over me and my children. I will tell you that you will have an AMAZING experience. I'm was a true skeptic and now have a greater sense of my purpose and can now live with more understanding of what's gone on in my life and why and I know what I need to do now. Respectfully, AH 

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